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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Club Penguin Underwater Adventure Cheats 2011!

The Club Penguin Underwater Adventure has returned to the Stage!

Hey, yet another pin!

You now have a the Stage Pin!

Here are the Costume Trunk Catalog cheats:

Wha? No cheats! Unbelievable!

Let me know how you like the play, k?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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moshineoluvr said...

the old pin is still there mimo!!!!! at the dojo!

Penguinbin98 said...

and i forgot the script hasnt been updated yet!

Pinkrosie909 said...

When u click the script its NORMAN SWARM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mimo! Theres 5 pins out! The Moss Key pin, The old pin at the Dojo, The one at the Stage, the one at the boiler room, and the one at the Quest 2. (The toothbrush)

Anonymous said...

The tree fort has stage music

Hannah said...

the loading screen is messed up

Anonymous said...

Theres always no cheats in the stage catoulage these days, tuff.

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