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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Club Penguin Medieval Party Ye Knights Quest #1 Cheats 2011!

Club Penguin Medieval Party Members Ye Knights Quest #1 Cheats 2011!


Good News! If you completed the Quest last year, you do not have to do all the steps to get through!

Here are the walk-thru cheats for the Members Only area and free items Cheats for YE KNIGHTS QUEST #1

Step 1. is go to the Plaza and down the manhole and into the Underground Pool.

Or, there is the poster. Now click on "Go There!"

Here is the Member's only area! Pretty cool! Now you can go thru the gate!

Now go and stand on all the Orb platforms to make them light up!

Now you can go into the next room and get the first members only free item, the Staff and Shield!

Now you have to hit 50 targets to get into the maze and get the next free item!

Now you can go thru the gate to the maze!

Now you can get the next free item the Golden Knight's Helmet !

Now you go thru the maze. Follow these steps.

2. Left
3. Down
4. Right
5. Right
6. Up

Same maze as last year! Same directions! HAHA!

YOU"VE MADE IT! You can now get the last super cool free item cheat - Golden Knights Armor!

Pretty close to the same as last year.

Be sure to check out all the other Club Penguin Medieval Party sweetness! What did you find?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

Wow wow wow Mimo!

"Golden knigths armour?" That is iron :D?

and the link for quest 3 is not working :D

Will Black said...

Mimmo i'm in a place called the candy dimension in club penguin.

Hannah said...

Quest 3 seems to be broken

Weird Owe said...

oh and there are 2 pins hidden at the same time

Miniclip8767 said...

if you take the wrong way in quest 1 challeng 3, and continue to do so, it will say diffrent diemsions from april fools 2011

little kikay said...

It wont work when ever i go to the non members ONE!!!!! WAHH!

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