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Monday, May 23, 2011

Club Penguin Medieval Postcards!

Club Penguin has updated their postcards. Check out this month's Featured Medieval Cards:

Sweet cards! Are you going to invite your buddies to a quest, soon?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Dropthebird said...

Yeah, they've been up for a few days now. The Hydras are hard to defeat on Knight Quest III. the blue one is hard because you have to hit the cauldronn and sometimes it's hard to hit. AND some people throw and hit it when it's empty, so that wastes time. I
FINALLY finished it when there were only like 3 penguins in the room. It was easier then. AND I was on a faster computer. Waddle On!


jaja60 said...

hey has anyone noticed the unlock items word on the main website page? it says destrave itens online!

Mbhe said...

In dance compition game sometimes when playing multiplayer candace says

Hold up!connection has epic failed. (insert instrutions)

Has this happend to you or anyone else.


4545devin said...

Mimo, what happened to Webosarus???

SonicBoy19 said...

hey mimo ya know when it asks you if you want to save your password? if you click it it will say do other people use this computer> click yes and then it will say people could steal your coins and shows a penguin with an empty coin purse lol

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo if you go to the recycling plant inside it changed to the party it cool go and check it out.

Arim Erty

Anonymous said...

Cool, post cards sweet!! i'm going to send them to all of my friends thx for letting me knowing. By the way mimo the bug for the quest is fixed just to let you know!

Peanut3141 said...

Hey mimo did you know that today they were supposed to take away the shield pin at the Dojo Courtyard and they didn't?

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