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Friday, May 20, 2011

Club Penguin Awesome Igloo Reviewed By You!

In Club Penguin's Reviewed by You last week, they asked us to tell them about someone's igloo we thought was awesome and, check these out:

Bengweno's igloo:

Penngiwin's igloo:

Aderion's igloo: Their buddy 59kitkat01 also likes it!

For next week's Reviewed by You, Club Penguin wants to know what is your favorite thing about the Medieval Party?

Great question! Ummm, I'd have to say the Quests, how 'bout you?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Anonymous said...

so people call those igloos cool? huh?

CP DRAGONS said...

Very cool Igloos Mimo, I like the last one, it's like cute little jungle!


Segabon43 said...

mimo! there are 3 pins! one in the boiler room, one in the stage and one outside the dojo! i tried clicking the one outside the dojo and it said 'item is unevaileble' do you think this is next weeks pin?

Tiny Smiley said...

This may be off topic but is it only me or Underwater Adventure's script still on Norman Swarm?

Scroom 78 said...

The Pin Maker in the boiler room is pretty cool! And who is Carl? Is he some guy who makes glitches on CP?

Likeitbonn said...

Wow,I Really Like The Igloos,But The Frist Igloo Is Really Awesome!!!!!!!!

Kyle said...

mimo, just to let you know, the shield pin(old) and the new pin (fire). you can collect them both...

Chaos6267 said...

Hey mimo--

Beta Club Penguin is back up. You just have to type it in, then it goes to community, then you type it in again and it goes to beta. I think it was down because they were fixing a problem where lots of people couldn't see a lot of the files. That's all...

-Chaos6267 (sometimes chaosc)

Mint117 said...


Carl is the guy who deals
with the glitches that occour
on cp!

Mint117 (CPG MOD)

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