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Monday, May 9, 2011

Club Penguin Field Op Number 44 Cheats!

Club Penguin Field Op Number 44 cheats are here!

Step 1. Click your Spy Gadget.
Step 2. Click "Go there."
Step 3. Click Field Op board. (or click Field Ops on the Spy Gadget)
Step 4. Click "Accept Field-Op."

Step 5. Click your map. 
Step 6. Go to the Cove!
Step 7. Go up to the trees. Your spy gadget light will turn green.
Step 8. Click your spy gadget and click "Engage."
Step 9. Now you can complete the puzzle!
Step 10. If you are a member you can click "Elite Gear" and get something cool! If you are not a member, you can get the EPF earpiece, and then enjoy collecting your badges... and stamps! ;-)

A repeated puzzle again... Incoming Targets!

When you complete the Field Op, you will get this message from Protobot!

Woot! I think we stopped Protobot! What do you think? Is he stopped for good, or will he be back soon?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Anonymous said...

NeW GlitcH!!!
when you try to log into cp it is stuck on a blue screen when you press play now on the content!


Miki5258 said...

6 more until stamp!

Cooldude995 said...

Mimo I think this might be a trick, Protobot may know about Herbert's message.

octt1025 said...

club penguin wants us to go to the dojo for a reason. there's a storm cloud coming

4545devin said...

I really don't bother to do them but sometimes I do.

Energezer said...

LOL! youd think that we would see protobot at the cove because we are there all the time! he was just sitting there... LOLZ!

chilly4350 said...

Hi mimo this is chilly4350. I Think something is wrong with the stampbook because if you dont have membership it says the messsage to buy membership but the problem is you can close the message and get to the stmapbook!

Thanks chhilly4350

Anonymous said...

This can't be it. This is a trap I know it. It was all to easy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Herbert got rid of him. remember Gary's message?
Herbert and water to get rid of protobot this is what I think.

Anonymous said...


I don't like these field ops that have to do with math. Anyway, that is just to easy for Protobot to turn down. Still have my heads up for him.

DMA0712 said...

Ok I'm scared I'm doing the Field-Op now.

Waddle On!


Anonymous said...

I think I know what happened. I think Herbert used us to shut down Protobot so he could reprogram it for his control. That's what he's going to use to attack us later this month.

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