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Monday, May 30, 2011

Club Penguin Medieval Party Reviewed By You!

In Club Penguin's Reviewed by You last week, they asked us what our favorite part of the Medieval Party was, and Lotzki1 said:

This is the BEST party of the year! I looove the quests and I like how they are really challenging! The defeating the Hydra quest is an awesome idea because you work together with other penguins to defeat the monster. I also love the decorations! Keep up the awesome work, Club Penguin Team!
For next week, Club Penguin wants to hear from Secret Agents. The following is classified information for Elite Agents only! ;-)

Club Penguin wants Agents to write a review about their favorite moment with Herbert P. Bear, the islands arch nemesis!

Hmm, that's a good question! I think Herb is someone we all love to hate, don't you? Let me know what your fav memory of Herbert is!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Dot-Com said...

My fav memory of Herbie is when on a mission he showed me his flipchart and how dumb I made him look.

Anonymous said...

him coming to cp cause if u really think about it without him coming to cp we wouldnt have all the other fun on the other hand my worst moment with him was popcorn boom day

Mrpingping said...

Hmmmm That Would Be The First Time Seeing Him... Well His (And That Kluzty)Shadow

Anonymous said...

My FAVE memory from herb of ALL TIME was when he took the clock parts, idk y it was just fun, the time i liked the least was the popcorn splosion :( we had to turn into epf, but i liked the psa better... LONG LIVE IN OUR MEMORIES THE PSA!!! :D

Anonymous said...

my fav time seeing his was on my DS, the island flood, i forget what game it was, and we made his look SO FUNNY! and we made him help us to. i will always remember that and in my mind make fun of him for that to

Anonymous said...

My favorite moment is in mission 11! LOL!!! Apperantly, Herbert loves popcorn.

Frosty36411 said...

A bug has been happening in cp.
When you load a player card coins, stamps and penguin shows up but the clothes dont show up.
From Frosty36411

Anonymous said...

My favorite memory of Herbert was capturing him and seeing him behind bars, we actually got him. And then Rookie being Rookie let him escape! I'm gonna get you Rookie!

Anonymous said...

When it was the end of mission waddle aquad and he was so dumb for like a whole 5 minutes!And i likedd de popcorn explosion! - Bacon Cola

Anonymous said...

My fav moment is when we dress him in a jacket ducky and armbands. he looked so funny!

Thif Row said...

The puffles have changed in my igloo! They look so different!
-Thif Row

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