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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Club Penguin Herbert Attacks The EPF!

Yikes! Club Penguin Everyday Phoning Facility is under attack... by Herbert!

Check out the inside of the Everyday Phoning Facility:

Climb the ladder and you find this... Battle of Doom game:

When you click the messages, you get these:

This game is similar to the Knights Quest 3 where you have to destroy the hydras. 

To begin the game, click on Herbert and he will talk to you. Here is what he says:

You get to choose an answer:

Then he says:

And, here's the Hydra Bot!

Wow, this one is a bit trickier than the Quest. If you get hit by the Red Hydra's fire balls, you go back to the Everyday Phoning Facility!

But, the coolest thing is, you can stand with others that have shield, and you don't even have to change your clothes! Woot!

I like it when Herbert turns black! He he!

Woot! Woot! My buddies and I defeated Herb and the Hydro Bot!

I earned 3 Medals! Saweet!

Field Op Complete? Really? Are these the new Field Ops? Club Penguin did say Herbert would begin at the EPF and move to other areas of the island. Hmmm, I wonder!

Don't forget to click the EPF Badge left where Herbert was standing:

You now have the EPF Badge cheat! 

Members Only:

And, on the other side, if you can pick up the Red Hydra Head:

You have found the Red Hydra Head cheat! 

Don't forget to play again to get the Blue and Yellow Heads, too!

You now have the Yellow Hydra Head cheat

You now have the Blue Hydra Head cheat!

Cool, but rather huge iggy items:

HINT: You can change the graphics/speed setting like you can in Card Jitsu Water!

Wow! Do you like this game? Do you think this game will replace Field Ops or be in addition to Field Ops?

Play Spin-n-Match!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Spycomic29 said...

That's so cool! I really need to go battle Herb now!

קלאב פינגווין צ'יטים said...

I think that Herbert and Fail Dail are working togethter!
I can't log in!
Whenever I try, Fail Dail pops out!
buhu!!! :(

Coobreedan said...

Im waiting beside Herbert right now! Hes still setting up his plan.

Anonymous said...

The glitches have been fixed! They're the same dragons from the Medieval Party Ye' Knight's Quest 3! Defeat them the same way but to defeat yellow, stand on the green bars. At the end, you get an EPF pin, a Dragon Furniture item, and 3 EPF Medals!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I won him at Belly Slide! You get:

-EPF Badge
-3 Field Ops Medals

i think this week wont come a field ops, becauz of thiz? dont ya think so 2?

Anonymous said...

It is fixed now and at the end you get a epf pin and yellow hydra hat but the hydra hat has a glitch on it because you can add it to your items as many times as you want and when you add it its not even there!!!

bin58 said...

thats soo not fair, my computer broke and i cant play cp. Sigh. Anyway check out pet shop! There are puffles on tubes AND the puffles hair is roundy

Anonymous said...

Fail Dail isnt here at me i can log in! no problems

Flumade dude said...

i defeated him! i got epf badge pin and yellow hydra head igloo item

Anonymous said...

works now, you have to hit the cauldren onto the hydra in front and prevent them from repairing, you get three medals and an epf badge pin. Works best if the quality is set on speed, seen in the upper right corner of the screen (the three circles), so you can shoot snowballs faster.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to beat the hydra heads twice. I beat Herbert and Klutzy and got an EPF badge (pin) and a Yellow Hydra Head (furniture)!

JayMan93 said...

I battled him and i won! Mimo, when you beat herbert, you get 3 medals, a EPF pin, and Yello Dragon Furniture. It's cool!

Anonymous said...

You get a hydra head when you beat him.

Bandit100 said...

When you beat him you get a Yellow Hydra Head and a badge along with 3medals. However the Hydra Head will not go to your inventory!

Anonymous said...

To beat the red Hydra you have to hit it with snowballs, and the shield can't block its attack.
The blue Hydra you beat by hitting it with the lava, and the yellow Hydra you beat by reflecting its attack with the shields.

Beat the game more than once to win a different color Hydra head for your igloo!

Pinky1 said...

Im I the only one whos sorta dissapointed? I honestly thought it would be a mission. now Im sad

Anonymous said...

That's weird...The party is over yet i can still hear the party music. 5/31/11. Go there NOW BEFORE THEY TAKE IT AWAY!

Anonymous said...

That was way too easy to beat Herbert.

Anonymous said...

it wont let me press and talk to herbert!!! :(
please post this mimo!


Anonymous said...

Help me Mimo!I can't talk to Herbert!It won't let me!Is it a glitch? Ps please post.I've never been posted!


Catsoldier said...

Club penguin isn't really good at coding...There is a MAJOR bug with this...It wont let me play it just has Herbert's weird face staring at me for an hour.

Grande pie said...

Mimo, I saw you wrote that you can change quality, and also that if the red smoke touches you, you go to the EPF. Well, the exact same things were in the Medieval party, too! You forgot to mention that!

Anonymous said...

i hate it when club penguin goes wrong with everything!!!!

plz post again mimo lol

Add me in cp everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

i cant click on herbert!

Anonymous said...

how do you defeat him?

Turk Ois said...

I tried seven servers.
Doesn't work.
Herbert will turn around but that's it.

CookieMonster said...

Hi Mimo777,

It's me again and I just wanted you to nodice that there is a glitch with not being able to click on Herbert and thus not being able to defeat him.

Club penguin name: Judykins741
Thank you!

pengiimen said...

The lava in the cauldron defeats the blue. Snowballs defeat red. Snowballs break ice. Shields defeat yellow. Don't get hit by fire. Sounds easy, but it's really hard to defeat him; I keep getting sent back to the EPF ground level. I hope we get some more days to do this!


Anonymous said...

I can't talk to Herbert! I even tried dumping lava on him! He just stands there...

Anonymous said...

NOO!! I completed yesterday nigth and just picked up the badge. I think I have to do it again..

I dont want Field Ops will be like this, takes too much time and it would be boring if always VS dragons.

HANNER2 said...

WOAH that is epic!

Anonymous said...

There's this glitch that when I try to get the epf badge or hydra head it always says: Would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins. I hate that glitch. :p

Anonymous said...

It's impossible.. We're getting all their bars down but they just keep getting repaired :[ Help??

Anonymous said...

i can't talck to him!!!

Anonymous said...

the colour of hydra head you get is the same as the final hydra you defeat.

Big Geraldo said...

Can non members get Hydra Heads?
When I finished Herbert there were just Epf Badge Pin, no heads.

Turk Ois said...

I went on the French servers, and it worked there.
Only problem was I got the red one and the blue one, and then it offered me the red one again not the yellow one!
But they are cool anyway.

Anonymous said...

i cant see the dragon head after i done the mission, can some one tell me why please

Anonymous said...

help i cant get the red - blue - yellow heads!!!
i dont know how!!!
i defeted the 3 dragons 3 times now!!!
plz help!!!


Anonymous said...

lol it wont let me talk to herbert he just stands there smiling :)

Anonymous said...

i beat herbert twice,but i only win the pin,i got get any medals or the hydra heads

Anonymous said...

i hope theese aren't the new field opps because if they are i wont be able to earn medals anymore because i have slow internet!! i always have to go to the library to finish stuff(which is what i did for quest three) which is why im STILL not a water ninja :(

Anonymous said...

Its really easy if you don't get hit by the fire stuff. When the red dreagon is about to fire the bricks that he is firering at will light up red. Stay off those and its really easy :D Btw, if you get hit by fire you get sent back to epf room thingy, and then you have to start all over again ;o

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
help i cant get the red - blue - yellow heads!!!
i dont know how!!!
i defeted the 3 dragons 3 times now!!!
plz help!!!


i did to!! i dont get this!

Anonymous said...

Going on a French server also worked for me. If you cannot get it to work, try going to another language.

Josen said...

I beat it but I forgot to get it!


BbobbyBlue said...

I'm not a member and was sad not to get the heads but the pin is cool.
My sister showed me how to fight them.
She made a cool igloo with games and posters and stuff . a sports bar Dad said, and the hydras are over at one end.

Anonymous said...

This game doesn't start :-( But I don't know why?

Anonymous said...

How long is this fame in for cause I can't do it until Thursday

Anonymous said...

help i cant get the red - blue - yellow heads!!!
i dont know how!!!
i defeted the 3 dragons 3 times now!!!
plz help!!!



Hey magneto3000!
I noticed your problem so here is my solution... if you defeat the red head last, you get the red head, if you defeat the yellow head last you get the yellow head, if you defeat the blue head last you get the blue head... Ik it's actually quite tricky... I'm sure you'll be able to do it though! :D


Zees said...

The game doesn't start :(
Herbert turns around, laughs, and then everything is still. When I go back to the Everyday Phoning Facility (hey, that stands for EPF too) then Fail Dale appears! :(

Anonymous said...

I cant click on him.

Anonymous said...

how many plays to get blue?

Kate112 said...

I beat the game about 5 times but I don't get the medals, though I got the EPF pin. Is this a glitch or something? Please help!!!


August said...

When I click him, He doesn't talk to me!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

how many plays to get blue?

I noticed your question, so here is my answer... if you defeat the red head last, you get the red head, if you defeat the yellow head last you get the yellow head, if you defeat the blue head last you get the blue head... so you'll have to defeat the blue one last. Ik it's actually quite tricky... I'm sure you'll be able to do it though! :D


Anonymous said...

once wearing all your comm gear and u dance you dont do special dance

Yokirri said...

i can't talk to herbert... please someone help me! :'((

Izzi said...

That's so cool! I really need to go battle Herb now!

We can beat him!!

- Izzi

Anonymous said...

i cant get the blue one!! I beat him like 4 times, i am just wondering if i need to get to 5 before i get the blue... gonna try again in an hour

Trainpower10 said...

Help! I can't get the yellow head!

Varga said...

I tried it nearly 25 times but I can't beat them. It's so frustrating! Those fireballs drive me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I beat the blue head last and didn't get the head. :/
I've tried AT LEAST six times now..

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