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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beta Team Access Link Returns With New Game!

The Club Penguin Beta Team link is back in the most recent blog post.  (Click here to read the original post about the Beta Team.)

Here is the current File List:

Check out the Skyscraper game coming soon:

And how cool are the puffle hat ideas? Here is my fav:

Saweet! I hope they update this new Snow Cone game soon:

This Beta Team Access is so cool! Are you liking checking out and help Club Penguin with future coolness?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Spycomic29 said...

Mimo, the Skyscraper game is not coming out. It was just an idea for the past but it was never made.

Anonymous said...

party on CP!!!! PLZ COME!! details below
Place Coffee shop
Server Husky
Time 9:00pm PST
date Saturday 21st of May

Scroom 78 Disco Sheep! said...

Who is carl? Is he some kind of evil super genius?

Anonymous said...

Scroom 78 Disco Sheep! Carl is a hamster that is pure funny.

lena7 said...

how do you get to the puffle hat ideas?

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