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Monday, May 2, 2011

Club Penguin Tech Class Message From G!

Gary is now sending us Club Penguin message with more details about the Tech Agents! Here is what he says about them:

Cooliosis! I think I am a Tech agent, how 'bout you? Are you a Tech agent outside of Club Penguin? (Thanks, Miki5258)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Cooldude995 said...

I'm not a tech agent... But my big bro is!

Hinchyc said...

Yeah I think Im Tech to

Anonymous said...

There's a new Field-op Mimo!
When you complete it, there is a message from Herbert, but it's written backwards.

I translated it for you!

Here's what he says:

(To: Gerald the Gadget Guy.) I have a proposal for you.

The Protobot has worn out its welcome. I might consider a partnership to deal with it.

Keep it between us, and let me know your decision.

Thanks for reading Mimo!
You're awesome!

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