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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Screenhog Tells Puffle History!

Club Pegnuin's Screenhog shares a bit about puffle history. Here is what he said:

Last month, a penguin named Gwen78 said that she wanted to hear the history of where the puffles came from. Well, I have no idea where they originally came from, but I can tell you how they were all discovered on Club Penguin!

You see, it used to be that penguins thought that they were the only creatures that lived on the island... until something strange began to happen. Furry creatures began popping up all over the place:

It turned out that Club Penguin was full of these furry creatures, and there were four colors; blue, pink, green, and black. After determining that the creatures were safe, the penguins of the island named them "puffles". Penguins loved the puffles, and wanted to take care of them, so a Pet Shop was built.

Most of the puffles really enjoyed the opportunity to be adopted by penguins, but the green puffle in the Night Club loved his spot so much that he stayed there. So, next time you're in the Night Club, say hi to one of the oldest puffles in Club Penguin.

But wait, you say... how were the other puffles discovered? Well, let's save that bit of history for another day. Waddle on!

Wow! Nice job, Sceenhog!

Did you know this Club Penguin history? Coolness, huh?

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

NOT TRUE one of them was found at rockhopper island.

Ferdy17 said...

What about the yellow puffle that never leaves the stage???

Bluegum0315 said...

I will tell the rest the brown puffles were in a land called Brown Puffle Cave but they were working on a invention that strange one on the cliff!! the red puffles were on rockhopper island but rockhopper never saw them until he spotted yarr on a piece of wood floating in the sea.The orange puffles were deep in the box demension.Until one appeared in club penguin.I will tell you more when i get more details.[hoping to be cpg mod]

DMA0712 said...

Hmmm, interesting.

Waddle On!


Anonymous said...

if you go to ur iggy sometimes it might turn WHITE!!! then im like what happened do they have super powers now!!! i was a bit confused.

Buddytoe said...

Anonymous said...
NOT TRUE one of them was found at rockhopper island.
Yeah, but that was later.
1) Those four puffles were discovered.
2) A purple puffle spotted in the Snow Forts.
3) Rockhopper brought red puffles.
4) Yellow puffle spotted at the Halloween party (Forest and Mountain)
5) White puffles spotted at the Puffle Party. (Dojo and Mountain)
6) Orange puffles spotted at the Puffle Party. (Box Dimension, Ski Village and Ski Lodge)
7) Brown puffles spotted at the Expedition Party. (Brown Puffle Cave)

Twilighta said...

I heard they originally came from a place called Puffle Island but who knows?

Administrator said...

wow club penguin has been focusing on puffles ever since that brown puffle came out and that party just recently came

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