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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Club Penguin March Parent Update!

Club Penguin has sent out another Parent Update. This is what it has in it:

Pet Adoption
To help them find the puffle that's just right for them your child can take the Adoption Quiz located in the newly renovated Pet Shop. Each time they adopt a new puffle they'll receive an adoption certificate! Find out if your child has any puffles, what their names are and how they play with them.

Caring For Pets
Inside the Pet Shop, your child can adopt puffles, buy them food and toys and play our new game, Puffle Launch.

Just like real pets, puffles need special care and attention. To ensure their puffles stay healthy and happy, your child should feed and play with them regularly. If not, they may return to their natural habitat.

Sneak Peak
Earth Day in Club Penguin will support wildlife initiatives, which protect the African Painted Dog and the Snow Leopard. Here's an exclusive sneak peak of what's in store at this party!

Cool! What do you think is up with this Earth Day sneak peek?

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Buddytoe said...

I'm pretty sure that's the dock. And, cool! We're getting an African Painted Dog costume! I'd love to help save endangered animals!

Anonymous said...

Mimo I think the face paints (that you can wear) are broken!
I'm seeing them as shrunked on the top of my penguin's nose! :O

Myia3000 said...

That's the dock! They must be having a party!

Trainpower10 said...

When I looked at it again, I kind of didn't like the Earth Day party from last year. It looks so kinda immature. And the new mine doesn't even look like a real one anymore. Also, helping animals is what you can do in person but not in penguin.

Anonymous said...

hey mimo on the dock i think thats either a african wild dog costume or a earth ninja! -Cp Girl

Frostina 18 said...

This is so awesome! My birthday is ON Earth Day. No kiding! April 22nd is my birthday. I am more excited than I've ever been for a CP party.

ludaniel said...

Agent G posted a new message...

We've discovered a new clue in Herbert's plans. He may have more crab accomplices working for him than just Klutzy. More info soon.


Citrus Peal said...

Oh goodie!
We get to be ANIMALS!
I like being animals other than penguins sometimes.
I wonder how it will help, though.

Kattelyn said...

I'm kinda sad that they exchanged St. Patrick's day for Earth Day. I loved those parties. :(

Jojojo33342 said...

Anonymous Kattelyn said...

I'm kinda sad that they exchanged St. Patrick's day for Earth Day. I loved those parties. :(
Jojojo33342 said...

I know right? I was so depressed for the St. Patty's Party.

Jojojo33342(CPG Mod)

Anonymous said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the picture of the yellow puffle! Super-CUTE! :) {Lol}

Cuddlepots said...

Cool, we get new clothes? African wild dog! I like it!
P.S One of your biggest fans Mimo!
You got awesome cheats!

Anonymous said...

I hope Herbert doesn't plan to ruin the island on Earth Day:O -Rubberduck4

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