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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Herbert Messages Us Again!

Club Penguin has sent us yet another message from Herbert P. Bear! Check it:

Sounds like more bots, doesn't it? Better go find out!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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dylnsprse said...

I bet Herbert has a whole list of other things EPF could stand for.

KH1016 said...

I know this is off-topic, but when I try to log into Club Penguin, it just shows a blue screen.

Caralyn2 said...

Hmmmmmm...i'm so so so NOT scared

agent spirit said...

maybye he will clone the wheel bot and make them ittle


I love how Herbert comes up with new anagrams for EPF! 'Exeptionally Putrid Foes!' What a joke.
We never lose,
Herbert P. Bear Esquire!

DMA0712 said...

Does Herbert actually know what EPF stands for? Or does he just make things up each time?

Waddle On!


All Black5 said...

What happens if we just let loose a bit, and be tend to not care and see what Herbert and the crab do. (yummy crab tasty yet evil)

dmitri said...

remember G said about the new canon? well i thnk in the last lvl herbert will be sending a whole army of wheele bots!!! and we'll use the new canon too im realy smart!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo! i just found out, all the food i bought yesterday (about 3000 coins worth!) is all gone! is it the same for you? plus, the free item face paints, only appears as a small shape on your beak!! whats going on!

Anonymous said...

Im sorry this is off topic but today i bot a puffle and now hes gone he didnt run away cause I bot him today!~Admiral Pen~

mangirdas789 said...

when anti robot defense cannon will out?

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