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Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Club Penguin Puffle Stuff!

Hey all! You know that the Club Penguin Pet Shop construction will soon be finished. When it is, we will be able to buy all sorts of coolness for our favorite fluffy friends.

I'm sure by now, most of you have seen these new puffle postcards:

They are pretty smoove, but check out the new Puffle Player card coming out this week:

Correction, this is an edited image from my friend Revgreen. Good one man! ;-) Sorry about the confusion. My bad. ;-)

And, have you noticed this Start Up screen?

Is that a puffle door on the bottom of the iggy door? I think... yes! Saweet!

Do you think this door will be available in the next Igloo Upgrades catalog?

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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ryanjs said...

Hey mimo how did you get that picture of the new player card

Anonymous said...

Ya where did you get that picture?

Fishandfries said...

Ya, where did you get it?

Buddytoe said...

Cool! I can't wait for tomorrow!


P.S. G sent a new message.

Anonymous said...

G sent us a message. He said

"Herbert said he needed the Wheelbot's design. He might be building more. I've prepared a new anti-robot defense cannon just in case."

Guitar Man 9
P.S. Give me credit

Anonymous said...

Sorry my last post was completely off topic

Guitar Man 9

Anonymous said...

there's a message from gary. -indiana742

Gategirl87 said...

I want one of those puffle doors! They look cool. ☻ ☺ ☻

Glenn31 said...

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but the door is recycled from the door into Herbert's cave from "Questions for a Crab"

Jumppenguin1 said...

I sure hope so, I so I will DEFINETLY be buying it

Agboy said...

Now they just need to do that with our player cards!

Anonymous said...

how did u get the player card pic?

Anonymous said...

will the name still be there if not good bye puffles iggy make over time

revgreen said...

Thanks dude!

Anonymous said...

Sorry this dose not have much to do with the blog entry but did you know that there are secret items in the puffle catolog. Please give me credit
Also how did you get that puffle card picture?

Slc girl is my Penguin name.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Club Penguin will let you buy doors for your igloo! That would be cool!

- Dropthebird

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