Thursday, November 20, 2008

November/December Furniture Catalog Sweet Club Penguin Cheats!

Here are the new hidden Club Penguin cheats in the new Better Igloo's furniture catalog. Check it out.

To find the first hidden item in the new Better Igloos Catalog do this.

Step 1. Click on your "Home icon in the lower right of the chat bar.
Step 2. Click on the "Edit Room" icon in the lower right.
Step 3. Click on the "Buy Items" icon.
Step 4. Click to page 1 in the catalog.
Step 5. Click on the Christmas Ribbon.

Now you have found the Leaning Tree.

To find the next item do this.

Step 6. Go to the 3rd page.
Step 7. Click on the Control Terminal.

Now you have found the Welcome Mat!

To find the next item do this.

Step 6. Go to the 9th page.
Step 7. Click on the Guitar Stand

Now you have found the Music Stand!

Hmm. That's it?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Raptorzrule6 said...

wow i want one of everything

Club Penguin Wave said...

I love this cataloug!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the cheats, Mimo, i really want the welcome mat!

Survivor91 said...

They have pretty cool items for Christmas.

Survivor91 said...

I just finished decorating my igloo!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


chrismas joy (cpg mod in trianing) said...

wonderful man you amazing rock on cpg

Anonymous said...

Cool! i want to get my house ready for chrisemas

Leiuten N said...

The leaning tree is so cute! It could b4 a puffle!
P.S. Im da 1st one to write about this!! d=]

Anonymous said...

cool I cant wait to try it out!

xia98 said...

I can't wait to get the leaning tree and the welcome mat!

Maniku said...

Lol, but why is there only that many hidden items?! That's mean!!!


122ninjas said...

first and cool find

Meteorite24 said...

It should be called the "Charlie Brown Tree" right???

Club Penguin Wave said...

It would be cool if they had a Ginger Bread house like Hansel and Gretal lol!


Anonymous said...

Mimo I love ALL of your cheats.Also, did u guys know that AUNT ARTIC goes to mammoth? Her username is:Auntarctic1.AWSOME right?

Flipper said...

I think the catalog is totally awesome, but I was excited about giant candy canes. but oh well! still awesome!

Mangekyou123 said...

the leaning tree is from the iceberg last year!!

rubycutie8 said...

hehe its charlie brown lening tree cuz red otemunt hehe.
rubycutie8 (im 6 ok!)

Jasmine said...

Hey Mimo!!!I am not a cp member.Is there any thing I can get from the catalog???

Anonymous said...

People have got sort christmas trees! It is well cool, I have 2020997 coins! I guess I'm rich!

You rock mimo, and gives credit to all your cpg mods because the rock too!

Ur best penguin friend in the world

Slimz1 said...

"Hey Mimo!!!I am not a cp member.Is there any thing I can get from the catalog???"
Yes, the backgrounds and the colours.
~CPG mod~

Anonymous said...

mimo i love ur website. I go every day to see new cheats and gliches. can u give me or us the code for ECP?

Slimz1 said...

I like the Welcome Mat.


J Lego said...

I know a hidden item mimi did not find!!! when you buy the lamp post if you turn it a couple times it will have a wreath on it!

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