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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Wigs November Sweet Cheat!

The cheat is the same in this Big Wigs Catalog for November. Take a look.

This is the LAST Big Wigs Catalog ever! Club Penguin is moving the wigs into the clothing catalog next time.

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Anonymous said...

the ninjas only appear every ten minutes

Anonymous said...

i found a little glitch(sort of)
this is how you can swim in the ocean outside of the iceberg
first you click in front of the aqua grabber game where there is water
second when it says would you like to play click no
then you put on your swimming gear and start swimming!!!
it looks like your swimming in the water!!

Luckylarry(Survivor91) said...

I wonder why they are combining the wigs together with the Clothing Catalog from next year onwards..

Anonymous said...

sorry to write so much this is continued to the glitch i found
if you do the same thing but instead of swimming press S on the keyboard and it looks like you are floating

Anonymous said...

wonder when the ninja stuff gonna come ..

Anonymous said...

y is club penguin pushing club penguin ninja's so much XD

Anonymous said...

The chill is pretty cool even though im not blond. a brown version would be even awesomer!

Anonymous said...

It's really kewl... That will be a little confusing though...

~Chuckleloo, the wannabe CPG Mod

Anonymous said...

why ther is a member

Anonymous said...

The thing in the picture you know what u call a NINJA is just a shadow.

Joy said...

Hey 9china9...i dont know if you remember me...i'm cookie malt. i saw you early today. cool website

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said
why there is a member

There are members probably so they can get money and we can have fun wearing clothes.


Anonymous said...

Why do they have the Spikette as the cheat all the time? It is kinda old.

Anonymous said...

survivor I think that it sbecaus ethey only want one catalog

Anonymous said...

Dear Cantm,
You Are probely right its probely

too much work even know they only add two new wigs every time theres a new wig catalog and wiggs will probely be at the end of the catalog

Hope That Helps

Shiver Jak (cpg mod)

cale said...

my score on catchen waves is 5420 what is your high score

peg hart

Anonymous said...

Dear Henrie4d, the ninja pushing is for the mystery of the dojo which is in it's grand opening.

Blueblob12[CPG Moderator]

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