Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Club Penguin Pin Cheat - Crayon Pin!

Here is the new April Fools Crayon Pin! Stranges stuff, don't you think?

Here is how to find the new Club Penguin Crayon Pin.

Step 1. Go to The Mine.
Step 3. Complete the Dot-to-Dot game.
Step 3. Now pick up the pin.


Warped, I tell you. This party is warped. But fun!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


Anonymous said...

mimo i posted a comment a while ago about that cheat i just want to tell you you are fast when i clicked publish comment then went back i saw that post ad i do agree with you its warped! Pirateypengu

likespuffles said...

woohoo i found the pin with out looking at this site

Anonymous said...

the party rox cya at your party!!!!

Anonymous said...


Also if you only have you bennie on you can fly!!

I hope Mimo that you put it one the blog!

Anyone1000 (CPG Moderator)

tafantic said...

mimo what server are you one AT THE MOMENT?

tafantic said...


Anonymous said...

Sup! Mimo rules! If you look through the binoculars at the top of the light house, it's different shapes
peace out
Chelsiegirl0 (cp name)

Pen Flippy said...
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Anonymous said...

look in the telescope on the beakon pleeease!

doggi said...

this was so annoying everyone stood infront of it but i like the dock it is really cool waddling fast

doggi said...

omg i just went to the iceberg wierd it i cool but wierd

doggi said...

omg u can walk on the dojo walls

Anonymous said...

cant get it, penguins are blocking me

doggi said...

i love thin icetrobarrier

Anonymous said...

getting the pin is a bit hard cos those penguins wont move

Anonymous said...

mimo777 this a well cool cheat.
1.go to the boiler room go to cupboard there should be a timer there put your mouse on it
3.eventualy a clown should pop up next to the pot the sign says april fools day!

Anonymous said...

in the dance club loung you cant play thin ice or astro blaster!!
from funky97 cpg Moderator

Floobersnoot said...

hey likespuffles, good job!

Anonymous said...

go to the dock mimo you go really fast !!

Loopy Welsh (CPG mod)

ur #1 fan or is it 1# ummmm...

ur GREATEST fan !!!!

Anonymous said...

It's awesome! The pins hard to find so ask penguins to move if you can't find the next number to connect to.
Have fun with your friends at this wacky,weird and wonderful party!

Fire Happy CPG moderator

Anonymous said...

Hi its Delibird22, most servers contain a lot of penguins blocking the dots. I was frustrated about that. I had to go to many different servers just to get the pin! The pizza parlor is 3-D? Uhh?

Waddle On!

Delibird22,former member of CP

Olides said...

mimo plz post this

goto the paper drawn becon and launch a snowball at the centre glass. i9it takes a few tries but you can make a coulered splat. its so cool plz post it


carbine64 said...

lol the forest is upside down you are right this is wacky!

p.s. when ur in the forest put on the tour guide hat and don't close the card then wave. tilt your head upside own and it kinda looks like ur doing a handstand!

Anonymous said...

hey wow its coool as i am seeing it fer da 1st time!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanx mimo u rock usualy i have to go around clubpenguin for a long time to get this stuff! lol! thanx again mimo!


Anonymous said...

In the forest its upside-down and you can go through some of the trees

kangaroooo said...

hey did you guys check out thin ice and astro barrier!! they are together as one game!! haha its very funny! check i out!

Anonymous said...

THis PARTY IS AWESOME!!!! But Penguins are blocking the dot to dot game. What Should I do.

Feroner said...

Hey Mimo! I'm going to make a list of all the things that happen at the April Fools Party.

The Music all over Club Penguin is awesome! Turn up your speakers and check it out!

The Newspaper is wacky! It's outlined green with drawings all over it. Find a button on the

Jokes and Riddles Page that says DO NOT PUSH. If you push it a hole is made in the newspaper. Click on the title JOKES, to see an extra joke that is all messed up! The poetry is crazy! Ask Aunt Arctic is Ask Gary the Gadget Guy! And One of the pages is upside down!

Beach: The lighthouse is drawn in purple and white! If you hover over those red balls floating on the sea then they pop. Save the Migrator Project is now a sink! Click on the green toothbrush to make it go on the desk, and click on the toothpaste to make it do a trick for you! Hover over the sign that goes to the dock and it will spin around like mad!

Lighthouse: The lighthouse is completely drawn in Sketch Version. If you throw a snowball it will make a different color splat on the floor.

Lighthouse Beacon: The lighthouse beacon is like the Lighthouse, with the sketch version and the splatting snowballs. You can even throw them at the sky! If you look through the telescope and move your mouse it turns out all funny.

Ski Village: You can get the propeller hats here. The Ski Lodge is like something you'd draw in Paint, and the Winter Sports Shop Colors are inverted! There are balloons and banners everywhere, and sometimes a pair of orange and green pants come down the ski lift. Hover over the trees and it will say Happy Trees and they will dance. Hover over the little purple mountain to the right the mountain will open up and a sign saying April Fools will pop up! Instead of Smoke curly lines come out of the Ski Lodge Chimney.

Sports Shop: The whole shop is inverted. Check it out!

Ski Lodge: Wow, look inside the Ski Lodge. It is completely something you'd draw in Paint. Hover over the mullet and it will smile at you. Hover over the moose and it will smile at you as well. Hover over the candle and the light goes out. Through the window the sun will appear and dissapear.

Dock: This place is awesome! You will go Super Speed when you walk and then you'll bounce! Hover over the arrows and they will spin.

Town: Hover over the sign in the left bottom corner to see it change, do this several times, a different message every time. The Coffee Shop has been crayoned, the Gift Shop is brown, and the Nightclub looks pixelified.

Nightclub: If you go upstairs, thin ice and astro barrier have been knocked down. Play the game in the middle. It is a mixture of both!

Plaza: Hover over the arrow signs and they spin. Hover over the balloons and they pop. The pet shop is like a collage, and the Pizza Parlor is shiny.

Pet Shop: There is a fish in a bowl and if you hover over it then it will do a trick!

Snow Forts: The Snow Forts are Melting! The flags are all bendy. It says Super Duper Rink instead of Super Rink, and the days of the week will be backwards on the clock! The writing will look different as well.

Forest: The forest is upside down! It is so cool!

Cove: Here you can get the Wacky Glasses. Hover over the sign that says Gnarly Waves to see the trees dance again. There are signs everywhere. Hover over the rock to see the April Fools Day sign. Click on the binoculars and then hover over the sun to turn it into night, then hover over the moon to turn it to day.

Mine Shack (Outside): Join in the dots to get the crayon pin.

Boiler Room: There is a huge pan by the side of the room. On top of the drawers there is a timer. When the timer is over a jack in the box will pop out of the box in the side.

Dojo: The dojo is awesome! It is drawn, and you can walk on walls!

Iceberg: wow, the iceberg is funny. It is a real photo of a glass of ice cubes!

And that's it! Thanks Mimo! Bye!


Anonymous said...

Arggg everyones blocking the dot to dot numbers

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Look through the telescope at the lighthouse!!

Anonymous said...

It is the best party ever! when you go to the cove click the gnarly waves sign and the trees dance!!!

Anonymous said...

on the cpip if u try and get the new creyon pin it says sorry this item does not exist!
- emmapeanut

Anonymous said...

The dojo is cool!
you can walk on the walls
there is a giant pencil
&& its all drawn!

Anonymous said...

The Trees At The Cove
Do A Mecsican Wave!

Anonymous said...

u r the best!!

Anonymous said...

~throw snowballs at the beacon, they become paint!

~click on the gnarly waves sign at the cove and then the trees all do the wave!

this party is so wiierdd

ima_G <3

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey Anonymous!

Kimberrlley1 here! You said people were blocking the dot to dot game, and you didnt know what to do.

Hey im here to help =). What you need to do is go to a different server if noone will move. Go to a server with less people, and hopefully you can play to get the pin =)

Thnaks &+ thanks mimo!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...


Kimberrlley1 here! Im sorry everyone but mimo cant tell what servers hes on. He just doesnt have time. He does go on Bigfoot and Fjord later at night =). Hes more of a night penguin ;-)

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Riley said...


Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

hey anonymous, you said that penguins are blocking the connect the dots thing? what im guessing is that they've already finished it so they're retrieving the pin, but then are refusing to move. this is pretty frustrating, so u know what i did? i went to a different, less crowded server. it works! =]

happy april fool's everyone!

jamiesera said...

the connect the dots was fun but also chalenging. I got the pin without looking at this site.

Blackpearl8 (CPG Moderator) said...

"doggi said...
this was so annoying everyone stood infront of it but i like the dock it is really cool waddling fast"


Hi Doggi,

Next time this happens, politley ask the penguins to move. If they don't move, report them. Then, move to another less-crowed server! Good Luck!


Jumanji_girl said...

Jumanji girl(cpg moderater)
Some of you penguins are having trouble retreiveng the pin?
Don't worry.My advice is to move to a different server that is less crowded.Glad to be of assistance.

Anonymous said...

When you want to get the crayon pin
but penguins are blocking you,log of and get on to the Canadian server or any other less busy country servers.Hope that answers a bunch of your questions.

From Waddle Wad1

Anonymous said...

the party rockx you didnt post one thing though go to beach click on the toothbrush then tooth paste then on the sink and the toothbrush is cleaning the migrators flag

Austin Chicken said...

How do you get there.

Blackpearl8 (CPG Moderator) said...

"Austin Chicken said...
How do you get there."


Aystin Chicken,

The Mine is underneath the Dojo and next to the Ice Rink. Once you get there you need to connect the dots and then pick up the crayon pin.


Jessicamary said...

Austin Chicken,
Here was your question:
How do you get there?

Here is how you get to the Mine:
1.Click on the map (located in the bottom right corner of the screen.)
2.Look for the little shack type thing. It is behind the Town, Snowforts, and Plaza.
3.Click on it.
You are now at the Mine! You can even go inside to play a cool game called Cart Surfer. Have fun and I hope this helps!

Jessicamary (CPG Moderator)

Anonymous said...

Austin Chicken said...
How do you get there.

March 29, 2008 11:13 AM

To get to the Mine

1. Go to Map
2. Find The Snow Fort
3. Go to the shak above the Snow Forts
4. Click on it
5. Welcome to the Mine, you can go inside, play a game in there and go to the pool then to the boiler room.

-Brushflight (CPG Mod.)

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

hey austinchicken, to get to the mine, all you gotta do is open ur map, and there should be a fairly open space around the top right of the island, its surrounded by the dojo, the berg, the cove, forest, snow forts, and the icerink. you will see a small shack, and if you click on it, it will take you to the mine shack.

Anonymous said...

this is the hardest pin ever!!

Signature,Peace Out To My PC And CP!

Musicboy8 said...

this is a pretty weird pin....what does it have to do with april fools??

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey Musicboy8!

Kimberrlley1 here! The pin is supposed to be weird, =p haha! It was very random, thats what i think lol. Its funny. I love the pin. Do you guys?!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey Austin Chicken!

Kimberrlley1 here, to answer your great question!

You asked us how to get to the mine?

Good Q! The mine is a secret location on the map, where thegame Cart Surfer is located. To get there, you click on the little mineskack, which is next to the IceRink.

Good Luck =)

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

Musicboy8 you asked what the pin had to do with april fools? i think its cuz one of the rooms, i think the coffee shop, was colored with crayons =] thats the only reason that i can think of lol

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

heyy Musicboy8, i think the pin is a crayon cuz one of the rooms (i think the coffee shop?) looks like it was totally drawn with crayon c[=

techdeckguy said...

Musicboy8 said...

this is a pretty weird pin....what does it have to do with april fools??

It's got nothing to do with April fools because not everthing on Club penguin has to follow the celebrations and April fools is not a big enough event to have a pin for it.

(techdeckguy CPG mod)

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