Thursday, March 27, 2008

April Fools Party Free Items Cheat and Other Coolness!

Wow! The new April Fools party is here! And it is seriously bazaar, warped and strange! It is definitely the BEST party EVER! What do you think? Here are the new free items cheat.

Step 1. Go to the The Cove.
Step 2. Now go in the water.
Step 3. Now pick up the Swirly Glasses.

For the second free item do this.

Step 1. Go to the Ski Village.
Step 2. Open the box.
Step 3. Now pick up the Red Propellar Hat.

Now go try some of the freaky stuff Club Penguin did. I'm amazed!

Thanks to all of your late night penguins for the help. I didn't post any names because I was posting them at the same time you where!

Have fun at the party! Make sure you check out the Iceberg. WHOAA! What are these people thinking?! I wish I could list all the wacky things you need to try out. Anyone want to list them all and I'll pick the best list and give you credit?

What's your favorite part of this crazy party?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


likespuffles said...

cool this party is so cool i like the whole island the best

Anonymous said...

Mimo what server are you on now?

Donton123 (CPG Moderator)

Blazedawn said...


Codien Flame said...


Anonymous said...

the party is so awesome it was way better than last year oh and i got the pin.

Iichan said...


If you throw a snowball in the lighthouse it is a splatter of paint!

Give credit to Iichan and Daisydarr!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo

check out the forrest your upside down also the you can walk on the walls in the dojo and lastly the iceberg is ice-cubes

and the pin is in the mine exept u have to finish the dot to dot puzzle to get the pin


Anonymous said...

cheak out the ice burg

Iichan said...

Also, the telescope is a kelidescope.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if u wait for timer to go off in boiler room an april fools cloun pops out


Ben10 said...


Ricky Piggy said...

hey!!!!!! mimo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there atthe second floor of the nightclub theres a new game called thinicetrobarrier!

give Ricky Piggy a credit

Anonymous said...

New Game
@ dance lounge totally Cool
from 0562georgia

Anonymous said...

i really wanna go to one of your parties!!

the balloons pop, tooth brush and tooth paste at the beach fun stuff!


Shruti said...

Thanx a lot for helping me find the pin Mimo.I bet this is the best party ever!I loved it .I loved it a lot!Check out each and every place.Especially the dojo,forest,iceberg,the umbrella,binoculars and the trees at the cove,the mountain,arrow to the beach and the thing used to carry us to the Ski Mountain in the Ski village and the telescope at the Beacon.Go to the Boiler room and wait there for sometime for a surprise.If u throw snowballs in the lighhouse,then u can see colours all over.I liked each and every part of the party.It is AWESOME!

Thanking you,

Anonymous said...

Mimo! Something really strange happened! Today, March 28, when I check out the newspaper the "Penguin of the Month" segment was gone! It was there yesterday! (March 27) Where could it have gone? Please post this! It's really strange!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo , did you try out the migrator glicth?The one in which the puffle in the flag of migrator toothbrushes?


!qUiNaRa! said...

mimo if you go to the plaza their sum balloons and you can pop them and the sign spin and all this crazy stuff!

Anonymous said...

I see people flying with the free hats but i dont know how!!!!! Can you please help me Mimo!!!! ♥


Anonymous said...


Pen Flippy said...
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Pengi722 said...

This is my fave party EVER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello mimo
In the beach if u press the red thing at the end it will blast.
Thank You its a glites

Anonymous said...

how do you fly?

club penguin cheat said...

go to the beach, press the tooth brush and then press the tooth paste. after that, press the sink. look what happen?

Floobersnoot said...

wow! they definitely went above and beyond! ooh i'll do the extra credit, hang on lemme type it up

Anonymous said...

I like the Dock how you can waddle real fast, and the Dojo becase you can walk on the walls, also i like the Iceburg cause it is a Bucket of Ice Cubes, I espescily like the Forest because its up-side-down,when you go to the and i like the Coffee Shop'nd'Book Room cause they are painted, i like the Nightclub because the screen is blurry.

Anonymous said...


You've got to see the Danc Club Lounge! The game Thin Ice has been merged with the other game (Can't think of it's name) to make one and it is so AWESOME!

doggi said...

when u go to low rez mode the pet shop and pizza parlor dont change

Anonymous said...

go to the place you play thin ice, you find a game called thiniceobarrier!

It's sooooooo cool

j678 said...

Mimo if you go to the beach click on the green tooth brush and give it a sec to lay it self down on the wood stand and then click the tooth paste it gos on the the tooth brush then click the right hand tap to turn it on then click the tooth brush again it will go under the tap get wet and it will then start brushing the puffle skull flags teethand the puffle flag will spit the tooth paste in to the water

Icysnap said...



Ming said...

club penguin should be decorated like this for a long time. i luv it! esp the ice berg!~!~!2

Cluedo100 said...

Your right mimmo it is cool plus some of it is totaly random. Have u also tryed the thinicetrobarr?

Anonymous said...

at the beach the save the migrator project has changed its a sink with toothbrushes if you click on the green toothbrush it will move!
my name is sparkling ic and im trying my best to figure out the party clues! maybe see you there mimo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimo777,

I love this party, its full of joy and surprises. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS EVERYBODY!!!. Mimo check out this glitch. Put on the tour guide hat and start a tour. Quickly change in the cap and dance or just wear anything. CHECK IT OUT! It looks so cool. Promise.


Kind Regards,

Yours in Christ,

Princess Hayze

CP name; Princess Haz

Cya there!

ppb said...

ohh the boiler room is funny and the coffee club

and the sports shop!! REVERSEDD!

but the lighthouse is the best!
snowballs heheheheh
(check the telescope!)


Anonymous said...

how do you fly with the sppining hat----44pingu1997

Anonymous said...

The room i like best is the Pizza Place.Hope your enjoying the party mimo!

Fire Happy CPG Moderator

blawsie said...

Hi Mimo,

Your cheats are all awesome. Just to let you know, theres a "new" game called Thinicetrobarrier. It is played by replacing the black puffle instead of the small spacecraft. Its fun at the dock. You can walk really fast there. The telescope became a kaleidescope. The whole forest is upside down. Anyway, the whole Club penguin is going chaos!

Waddle and fool!!

Daisy 9898(CPG Moderator)

Anonymous said...

this is the best party ever i lov the dock and iceburg the best and its kind of cool to do a dot to dot to get the pin

Anonymous said...

click on the purple mountain in the ski village and a banner saying april fools will pop up

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo Ok So theres:

In the Dojo : you can walk up the walls and theres a huge pencil.

In Ski Village : You can get the proppler hat, The trees move if touch it with the cursor and a sign pops out :HAPPY TREES: the lodge has been crudley drawn,the winter sport shop is a weird colour and if u click on the snow capped mountain beside the ski lodge's chimney the mountain opens and a banner comes out : APRIL FOOLS!!!also the sign posts move if touch it with the cursor.

Ski Lodge : The inside has been crudley drawn,the moose moves and so does the mullet if you touch it with the cursor, the candle will also go out if u touch it with the cursor and if you touch Gone Fishing the door opens and a fish comes out of the cooler.

The Attic : The attic is crudley drawn the only thing here is the rocking horse moves if u touch it with the cursor.

1st Installment, plz wait for more


EXLX said...

Amazing!Ive always wanted a propeller cap!

Jingle Jay said...

I like the beacon's kaleidescope and the way snowballs explode at the lighthouse. Also the red proppellor hat WAS rare.

Socrboy16 said...

the pizza parlor is like clay!

Anonymous said...

so do u think this year's April Fool's day was better than last year? coz i didn't get to see last year's =(

Poilin said...

try out the thinicetrobarrier game it rox!!!!!!!!!!
Luckyluckble (cpgmoderator)

the best108 said...

i like the party Mimo777 can i plz be 1 of your friends

Poilin said...

check out the telescope!!!!
Credit To Luckyluckble!!!

Anonymous said...

- Emmapeanut :)

Anonymous said...

mimo im a big fan can i plzzzzz be one of your cp user name is The Best108. P.S how do you make personal name and not anonymous

Anonymous said...

Mimo , on the title page , click on the coffee shop door to see a blue penguin running! My name is abdus subhan azeem.

Anonymous said... just wondering that you said the best ever party was the under water party....

linda said...

the telescope is a kaliadoscope

Anonymous said...

Billybob has really out done him self on this one!

Screenhog101 said...

Mimo this party is the best party ever! And thanks for the cheats Mimo!

Anonymous said...


katelyn said...

this is the best cp party EVER!!! and i bet i've been to every one!

Anonymous said...

This party rox but its not beter then the holloween party

Anonymous said...


zing said...

MIMO! go see the dock!!! its AWESOOOMMEE!!!

isaacmoose said...

cool party!! u rock mimo777

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Best Party Last Year, Best Party This Year!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is cool! Have u played thin ice or Astro Barrier they r gone! Instead there is Thinicetrobarrier! TZo find it out go play!

Panpap said...

There is a game called "Thinicetrobarrier" at the lounge!
Its a mix of Thin Ice and Astro Barrier!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo go to the ice berg its lol


apl17 said...

mimo go to ski village above the ski lodge there is a small mountain when you put your mouse on it a banner of april fools come out cool hehe

apl17 club penguin name
can i be an assistant for the cheats and glitches pls pls i always give you new cheats

Anonymous said...

hey mimo if you go into the dojo you can walk on the roof and on the pencil
-pacopeng (cp name)

Anonymous said...

hey mimo if you go into the dojo you can walk on the roof and on the pencil
-pacopeng (cp name)

Greenfire009 said...

Dont forget, when you play the game in the Dance Lounge, its weird! Play it, its a mixture of the 2 games in there!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo if you go to the dock and walk around you walk really fast
-Pacopeng(cp name)

pINKYWINK47 said...


Anonymous said...

hey mimo if you go to the dock and walk around you walk really fast
-Pacopeng(cp name)

theriot4 (cpg moderator) said...

mimo throw a snowball in the lighthouse and it spatters paint :-)

Popeye said...

Hey mimo, they removed a page in the newspaper, it was the one where it says your penguin name as the most helpful penguin ever on clubpenguin

Cytgirl825 said...

-The Lighthouse is pen drawn

-When You Throw Snowballs in the Lighthouse, they turn colors when they land.

-The telescope, at the beacon, is a kaleidoscope

-You can brush the puffle's teeth on the migrator flag

-You can pop the buoys at the beach

-At the Dock you have "super speed"

-When you mouse over the sign in the town, the words change

-Both signs in the town (the ones that point to the snow forts or the dock), when you mouse over them, point down

-The coffee shop looks like a toddler drew it

-The Night Club is pixelated

-Thin Ice and Astro Barrier have been combined to make Thinicetrobarrier

-The Gift Shop Looks Sketched

-The Day of the Week is backwards at the Snow forts

-The font for the time is changed at the snow forts

-The Super Rink is now the Super DUPER Rink

-The flag poles are curled and the snow forts are slightly melted

-You can pop the balloons at the Plaza

-The Pet Shop looks like it was cut and pasted from construction paper

-The Pizza Parlor looks like an artist drew it, then just placed it in the plaza (It looks awesome)

-The Forest is upside down. (On a smaller note, when you come from the plaza or the map, you seem to come in the side nearest the cove, not the side near the plaza entrance)

-The Rock near the lifeguard station, at the cove, lifts up

-Also at the cove, you can make the umbrella fly

-If you run your mouse over the sign that says "gnarly waves" all the trees in the cove shake in a line

-The iceburg is a bucket of ice...and the Aqua Grabber looks like it was made of construction paper

-The mine is connect the dots

-You can walk anywhere in the Dojo (Just Like Last Year)

-The inside of the ski lodge looks like someone did it in the application Paint.

-The Winter Sports Building is reversed black and white

-There are pairs of pants on the pully at the Ski Village


Anonymous said...

if u go to the beach then into the lighthouse and up to where jet pack is. if u throw a snowball its like paint.

Anonymous said...

Also upstairs in the nightclub if you click on the middle game it takes you to the shooting game but your a puffle on fire!

theriot4 (cpg moderator) said...

mimo astobarrier and thin ice are in the same machine

go look and see for yourself

Eduardo said...

1. on the ski village instead of being a lift its an underwear!
2.the lodge is made by computer doodling
3.on the lodge, if you point at the mullet or at the moose they look at you
4. the sport shop is with negative colors
5.on the "save the migrator project" stand on the beach there is a sink, toothbrushes and toohtpaste.
6. on the beach, if you point at the buoys they pop!
7.the lighthouse is made by sketching
8. on the beacon, if you throw a snowball, there will be splats of color in the floor
9.the telescope on the beacon shows drawings (i forgot the name) move fast on the dock
11.there is a sign on the town that says different things
12.on the lounge there is a 2-in-1 game.
13. the sign on the snow forts instead of saying super rink it says super duper rink
14.the forts are in a silly way
15.the clock is with funny letters.
16.if you point at the balloons at the plaza, they pop!
17.the forest is upside down
18.the iceberg is with ice cubes
19. when you point at the rock on the cove it has a sign can make a wave on the cove
21.the dojo has a pencil and no color
22. you can go up the walls on the dojo.
23.the mine has connect the dots
24.the boiler room has a timer, when it stops the sign of happy april fools comes out
25.when you point at any sign of the island with the arrow it moves
26. all buildings are different
27. the news is funny (since yesterday!)!
-buddytoe cp name ( this is the list) please post this i took 30 min. writing!

fidle said...

my fav part is the forest! i had to stand upside down (in real life) to actually know where i was going but when i did do that there was another problem, all the penguins were upside down! it was a right laugh! plz post!

Anonymous said...

in the dojo you can walk on walls!

Eduardo said...

my favorite part is the proppellor cap! - buddytoe

Somelikeme said...

I can't believe that I am thpenguin of the mounth! I am a non-member!

Anonymous said...

the sign in the town changes when you click on it!

Anonymous said...

Also, if you go to the beach, click on one of the toothbrushes under the SAVE THE MIGRATOR PROJECT banner. When it's done moving, click on the toothpaste on the other side. Now when that's finished moving, click on one of the fosset handles and watch what happens!

linda said...

theres gonna be a surprise in the test servers today

Anonymous said...

The forest is really messed up! Getting the crayon pin was annoying but fun!

xalmostfamousx said...

In ''thinicetrobarrier'' when it says shoot the blue target first to get an extra life, you can shoot the picture telliung you to, and you get a life.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Sorry, I really want to know.

Anonymous said...

the party is awesome!!
but the forest makes me dizzy!

pinkykaye98 said...

How you fly is you wear the proppeler cap without anything on ur penguin just the proppeler cap and click dance.


Crislin672{CPG moderator}

Ceifer13 said...

Q)Mimo what server are you on now?
A)Mimo goes on Big Foot and Fjord

Q)I see people flying with the free hats but i dont know how!!!!! Can you please help me Mimo!!!! ♥
A)Just only wear the hat and then press D and you will fly!

Mimo I noticed the Newpaper changing as well?

-Ceifer13 (CPG Moderator)

Anonymous said...

its amazing!!
I love the dock!

Captain Ar1 said...

Hey Mimo,
At the Town, the Coffee Shop is drawn with crayons, the Nightclub is computerized, and the Gift Shop is artisticly sketched. The sign on the left, above the map changes when you roll your mouse over it.

At the Plaza, the Pet Shop is made out of construction paper, the Stage is as its usual, and the Pizza Parlour is made out of play-doh. The balloons on the bottom right pop when you roll your mouse over it.

At the Snow Forts, the two castles have partly melted, with the flagpoles bent, the clock shows the time doodled, and the day of the week is written backwards, and a sign reads "SUPER DUPER RINK" instead of "SUPER RINK".

The Forest is completely twisted, flipped, and up-side down. To get the the Cove, you must go left.

At the Cove, signs are hung up, saying "HAVE FUN" "BE SILLY" and "WADDLE ON". Roll your mouse over the "GNARLEY WAVES" sign to make all the trees wiggle. Roll your mouse over the umbrella to make it fly away, and roll it over the rock to reveal a sign saying "HAPPY APRIL FOOLS". Roll over the rock again to show the sign broken.

At the Dock, when you walk, you go faster than normal, and bounce to a stop. Signs read "SUPER SPEED" and "GO REALLY FAST"

At the Beach, the Lighthouse is drawn with a pencil on yellow paper. Click the toothbrush, then on the toothpaste, then the tap, and you will brush the puffle on the flag's teeth.

Inside the Lighthouse, the area is sketched, some on sticky notes and some of it on plain white paper. Here, when you throw snowballs, its comes out as a splatter of blue, green or red paint.

On the Beacon, the telescope is a kelidescope, and the snowball splatter here, too. This is also sketched.

At the Ski Village, the Sport Shop is coulor-zapped, and the Ski Lodge has been drawn manually on a computer. Instead a seat coming down the lift, there is a pair of shorts. If you click a certain mountain near the back, a message will pop up saying "APRIL FOOLS".

At the Dojo, is is drawn (like last year) and a pencil decoration is there. You can walk on walls (BONUS CHEAT: GO TO THE TOP OF THE DOJO AND PUT ON THE FLYING HAT AND FLY. YOU WILL (SORT OF...) BE NUBBING).

At the Ice Berg, it is a bowl containing a few ice-cubes. You slide here like on the Ice Rink.

At the Mine Shack, the building is a dot-to-dot. Once you complete this, you can wall underneath the shack.

In the Boiler Room, there is a timer. Wait for it to end, and a clown will pop up revealing a sign saying "APRIL FOOLS". Also, there is a pan with boiling hot water in it.

THE END - Captain AR1

Note: The rooms that aren't decorated are H.Q, The Mountain, The Stage, and The Pool and Underground

Jessicamary said...

Here was your question:
how do you fly?

To fly, make sure you are wearing just the propeller hat and nothing else. Then, dance. You are now floating! Have fun at the party and I hope this helps!

Jessicamary (CPG Moderator)

Riuchan said...

if u go to lighthouse and look through telescope u see some kool stuff!
my penguin name is riuchi!

Anonymous said...

at the lighthouse
where the migrator plans are, when you click the toothbrush, then the toothpaste, then the sink, it will brush the puffle on the flags teeth!

credit to wegy806 =]

Jessicamary said...

Here was your question:

The suprise is really cool. Everyone gets to be a green puffle! So go on the CPIP right away. Try dancing, wearing different clothes, and doing different actions. The results are pretty interesting. Remember, its only for today! Have fun and I hope this helps!

Jessicamary (CPG Moderator)

angelfire said...

the crayon pin is at the mine. complete the puzzle and theres going to be a red crayon on the water thing on the right.

Bestpl8er said...

Use the propeller cap at the top of the dojo! LOL!

Anonymous said...

to magicshrew22 and anonymous

your question was

how can u fly

thats simple

all you have to do is take off all your clothing and put on the propella hat on then dance

now you should be flying

have fun at the party guys

-stickers303 CPGM

Anonymous said...

thats cool!!!
if you go into the light house
and you throw a snowball it splatters like paint!! try it!!

Anonymous said...

-Magicshrew22 said.....
"I see people flying with the free hats but i dont know how!!!!! Can you please help me Mimo!!!! ♥"

answer... put on the hat but leave everything else off, like your clothes and hats and everything. then make your penguin dance by pressing the button with the penguin sitting down in your tool bar and then choose dance! there u have it!!

sportyjr23 (cpg moderator)

Serg said...

what was cool

Anonymous said...

hey mimo if you go into the lighthouse you can throw different coloured snow balls, its really cool


Anonymous said...

mimo if you go to the ski village and click on the back mountains this huge sign comes up that says April fools day and then goes down

ps: you rock


Anonymous said...

hey mimo the whole club penguin is cartoonified :)

icc2 said...

thanks for the cheat mimo you rock

Blackpearl8 said...

It's so funny watching penguins ( puffles) with clothes and you see these little eyes blinking and like the feet.


Blackpearl8 (CPG Moderator) said...

"Anonymous said...
P.S. Sorry, I really want to know.



We're all green puffles! Hurry over to the Test Servers to become a green puffle!


Anonymous said...

how do you fly with your propeller hat?

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey anomymous!

Kimberrlley1 here! You asked how to fly with a propellor hat?

Im here to naswer this =). What you do is take off everything except the propellor cap, and then hit the dance button =). Its really cool, since you fly with it on, ;-)

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

"Kimberrlley1(CPG moderator)" said...

Hey all!

Kimberrlley1 here! You wanted to know what the suprise was at the test servers?!

The suprise at the servers is that everyone is a GREEN PUFFLE! Its so cool, go get there and try it out! ts really fun and interesting!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Anonymous said...

I like the iceburg the best. It would be funny if they made it a frozen hamBURGer!! Get It lol!!!

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

to fly, all you gotta do is put on your propeller hat, take everything else off, and dance! wheee!!

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

the big surprise at the test servers is that everyone is a green puffle! yay! it was supposed to end earlier today, but CP decided to extend it to monday. sweet, huh?

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

yes, the newspaper did change, they removed the penguin of the month. i think its because penguins were taking it too seriously and they thought it was true. or, maybe that was the april fool's trick... to make us think we were the featured penguin, then to remove the article c[= but it is kinda strange... o.0

i jumped out of my skin when i first saw my name on the paper ^_^

Blackpearl8 (CPG Moderator) said...

"Anonymous said...
how do you fly with your propeller hat?"



1. Go to the Ski Village

2. Click on the box in the middle.

3. A message should come up that says 'Would You Like to Pick Up the Red Propellar Cap?'

4. Click 'Yes'

5. Wait for the message to appear that says 'The Red Propellar Cap has been aded to your inventory'

6. After that message comes up, put the cap on.

7. Take all your other clothes off.

8. Close your player card.

9. Dance.

10. You should start flying, enjoy!


"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey Anonymous!

Kimberrlley1 here. You asked how to fly with the propellor cap?

Hey anonymous, this is a really good question =)

The best place to fly is the dojo, becasue you can walk on the walls, and it looks like your flying really high! ;-).

To fly, you go to the dojo. Then you open your player card, remove all of your clothes off of you, and put on only the propellor cap. Close your player card, and press the dance button. you will be flying! Its so much fun. isnt it?!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey all!

Kimberrlley1 here. An anonymous user said that the whole clubpenguin was cartoonified!

It was actually cartoonified AND realistified ;-). They made some parts more realistic, like the Iceberg and the Pizza Palace =) I think its really cool, how about you?

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Kimberrlley1 said...

Hey Everybody~

Kimberrlley1 here! Thanks so much for posting all of these long comments everyone! Your all GREAT =). just thanks again for taking al of the time and effort to type everything thats going on in the April Fools Party! Good job everyone =)

Thanks again &+ thanks so much mimo,


Blackpearl8 said...

Mimo! On Twitter you asked if anyone plays Planet Cazmo? I've never heard of it, but I've just joined and my username is


Anonymous said...

Th e pa rty is A W E S O M E!!! It 's th e be st o ne s o f ar o n m y li st.
P .S Pl z po st I ha ve nev er be en pos ted be fore
P.S I thought I'd do the spaces thing because of April Fools Day Party

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey guys!

Kimberrlley1 here! I konw this a little delayed, but to everyone whos asking =p...yes, the paper did change in the April Fools day party!

I flipped when i say MY name in there! haha! =). The reason they tok it away was becasue of all the confusion between penguins.

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Anonymous said...

this party is WAY COOL,i got them all

Anonymous said...

Pretty! This was a really wonderful article. Many thanks for providing these details.

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