Friday, March 28, 2008

Cool April Fool's Party Puffle Actions!

Here are all the cool things you can do as a puffle:

Dance - fly in a propeller cap

Wave - ride on a unicycle

Throw snowball to the upper left(must be above your puffle) - eat food

Throw snowball to the upper right(must be above your puffle) - sleep

Throw snowball to the lower left (must be below your puffle) - eat a big cookie

Throw snowball to the lower right(must be below your puffle) - take a bath

Thanks, IICHAN

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


derk941 said...

Cool! I enjoy being a puffle!

Drill Queen said...

Mimo! It's 5:00 here.. and we are still puffles! Cool!
Drill Queen

Anonymous said...

thats so cool mimo!!!
u rock!!!!


Anonymous said...

thats really cool i figured out how to ride and how to fly but i couldent figure out the rest. thankz for the help!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone a puffle and you can buy puffles i mean doesnt that seem weird?

Anonymous said...

puffles rule cpip forevr
P.S.they have actons
penguin name:ijew2

tafantic said...

mimo if you go to the becon and go all the way to the left in the green puffle thing the wave you get to go off the edge!

Anonymous said...

when i was on there i walked my puffle and said "im a puffle walkin a puffle" lol it was so funny

PS i figured the movements aand stuff out on my own

Anonymous said...

how and where is the test server

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

anonymous said that if ur a puffle and you can buy puffles, it seems kind of strange? well its temporary... everything is the same except for the fact that you're a puffle =] they wouldnt get rid of your puffles only for a few days and then give em back...

Kimberrlley1 said...

Hey all!

Kimberrlley1 here=)

Thanks so much to everyone that helped with ALL of these cheats! You guys ROCK! lol ;-)

Thanks again &+ thanks SO MUCH mimo for poting these.


Anonymous said...


Gratesdude said...

If u dance, ur clothing stays where u are and if u speak, it looks like a ghost is speaking

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo

When your a puffle if you sit down you bounce up and down. Thanks IICHAN for the tips of what to do when your a puffle.
From Peny 1010

bguy7 said...

also if you sit you start to bounce up and down


Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

hey drill queen, the cpip team said that they're extending the puffle madness (lol) till onday. cool, huh??

Anonymous said...

When it says you or your friend is hiding, that means they are in the agent HQ.

-Sprouse97(CPG Moderator)

Anonymous said...

Did u see the boat when u go the top of the lighthouse


Anonymous said...

how do be a puffle?

daisydarr said...

good job iichan

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo you forget if the puffle sits it will jump instead hey i forgot my penguin name is pinguzz23 and also the previos comment

Lady Maryann said...

it was amazing! got some cool pics too! unbelievable! ;-)


Anonymous said...

i walked my green puffle...then there was two of us.!LOL!


Anonymous said...

u missed one mimo..if u sit down...u jump!!!!


Socrboy16 said...

it's fun being a puffle

Anonymous said...

if u go 2 da ski village and u put ur mouse over da mountain on da right in da backgrounnd it opens up and says april fools

Zoezoe11 said...

Nice job Iichan!


Anonymous said...

how do you make your puffle blowdry itself? i saw some ppl do that.

Anonymous said...

yes there is one more

if you go to the lighthouse and throw a snowball it will come out like a paintball


Cytgirl825 said...

If you sit, you bounce up and down

bguy7 said...

anonymous asks how do you blow dry your self.

all you have to do is take a bath then when your done taking it you well blow dry your self

hope it helps

bguy7 (cpg moderater)

elves54 said...

Dear Mimo,
Here is something you missed.
Go to the beach click the green toothbrush and than the toothpaste. click the knob on the sink and it will wash the puffle on the flags teeth. Ray Mon

Madswimmer4 said...

the test server was extended to april 4th wooooooot!!!!!

cpg moderator[madswimmer4]

pINKYWINK47 said...

hey mimo guess wat? if u sit ur "you" start jumping! how cute!
plz give credit to Pinkywink47

Anonymous said...

How do you become a puffle? I dont know how xxx

xxxXMKXxxx said...

hey Mimo, go to the beach, yooh no where the sink is, click the toothbrush, then the tooth paste,then finally the taps,then the puffle flag on rockhoppers ship will start brushin its teeth!

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

to blowdry yourself, just take a bath (by throwing a snowball to the right of you). after you're done with the bath a hairdryer will appear and you'll be dry in no time =]

Anonymous said...

hi its kookywild!!

Anonymous said:

'how and where is the test server'

Dear Anonymous,

Go to
You have to sign your penguin up first so you can log in.



goofy73 said...

Hey everyone!

anonymous asked:How do you become a puffle? I dont know how xxx

well in order to become a puffle you have to go onto
then you click the eye scanner on the left of the screen!
then you click the button more info under Server Test!

then you see the words Club Penguin Server Test, and a blue box under it!
then you see Sign Up To Test! under that you sign into you're club penguin name, but don't forget to check of to the i agree box!

then you see the screen that you see when you log into club penguin except it says improvement project under club penguin! you click i agree and then you have to sign as you're penguin again! then test servers come up! you pick any one of the servers and then you're a puffle!it's really cool!
you can't wear some of the clothes because they are to high up on the penguins body! because really the penguin is there it is just invisible! and you are the puffle! this experience is awesome! you should really try it! you might never get another chance like this!

you're friend goofy73(CPG moderator)

Anonymous said...

Mimo i have a glitch. The glitch is getting ur hat to dance off ur head. ur player card
2.put on a st.patricks hat and the glases from april fools day dance and watch wat happens. u can also wave and see wat happens

Anonymous said...

u missed two
wear the coffee apron and dance for the hungry sign and the matador suit and dance

goofy73 said...


hey lillucy1997! goofy73 here! i am here to tell you it's not only inside the light house it is also on the deacon!

you're friend goofy73(CPG moderator)

Anonymous said...

yea i enjoyed it :( BOOHOO lol i cant wait for the next buddy hint i want to be ur buddy!!!!!!!!! plz post ya biggest fan -Ye11

Anonymous said...

u can do more at the cove if you go to the sign gnarly waves the trees will move

Bubble4800 said...

Hey mimo...
also in the town, u can see the arrow sign, rite? click on it and it changes directions! lol!

tafantic said...

if you sit you bouce

Anonymous said...

u forgot that if u press the sit button u can bounce up and down.
im happy blue88 on cp.

Anonymous said...

also i played on sat. and it still there.

- Happy blue88

doggi said...

cool they extended it to all the weekend this is soooo awsome

Kimberrlley1 said...

Hey again ZoeZoe!

Kimberrlley1 here! I havent talked to you in so long. Im justhere to say that your a great person! Thats is SO nice to be saying great job to people, becasue it really lifts up their spirits =)

Great job to you ZoeZoe =) &+ thanks mimo =)


"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey there all!

Kimberrlley1 here. =)

anomymous said:Why is everyone a puffle and you can buy puffles i mean doesnt that seem weird?

Haha! I love this question, and i'd be more than happy to answer it! It does semm very weird, but then again it is an April Fools Day party. I think their goal was to make the party kookie and crazy for the party =) It is very weird though, but i Love it! I tihnk its really funny, dont you!?

Thanks &+ thanks mimo so much

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Anonymous said...

hi, i hav a cheat 4 u! if u throgh a snowball at the balloons in the plaza the balloons pop!!

Holywells99 (cp name)

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

heyy everyone! having fun being a puffle? =]

happy blue, you mentioned that you were still a puffle on saturday, right? well CP saw how everyone was having a LOT of fun so they decided to extend the puffle craze till monday so everyone can get a chance to be a puffle! sweet!!

thanks for all the great questions, and good job to all the mods!!

Anonymous said...

mimo its weird that if u go into the HQ and u look at the screens it doesnt change to the party! just to let u know! -(a secret agent) ;)

zing said...

oooo try sitting down as a puffle!

Anonymous said...

i dont get sumthin..
how do we use the blow drier.?

Anonymous said...

hey mimo we are still puffles

Musikstar95 said...

Hey guys! Musikstar95 here. I must say, being a puffle for the weekend is surely exciting! Many of you are asking about the blowdriers. What you do is take a bath (to see how, look at the original post) and watch the whole thing. You (as a green puffle) will wash yourself and then get blowdried. Pretty awesome!
And here's something pretty cool. If you put on the propeller cap and dance as a green puffle, you will go flying around but your other propeller cap will stay where you are! so it looks like you have 2 propeller caps.
Musikstar95(CPG Moderator)

Jessicamary said...

Here was your question:
hey mimo why are we still puffles?

The people at Club Penguin decided to extend the puffle party until April 2nd because everyone liked it so much. Isn't that exciting?! Have fun and I hope this helps!

Jessicamary (CPG Moderator)

Jessicamary said...

Here was your question:
how do we use the blow drier.?

To use the blow dryer, throw a snowball to the lower right. You will take a bath. Once you get out, a blow dryer will pop out and blow dry you. Have fun and I hope this helps!

Jessicamary (CPG Moderator)

Screenhog101 said...

Mimo, there is still one more. If you press the `s' button on your keyboard, you will dance like the normal puffle dancing!

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

some mysterious penguin asked how to use the blowdryer... if you throw a snowball to the right of you, you'll take a bath and then a blowdryer will appear and dry you off =] pretty neat

aman said...

where do you get the unicycle.

Sunsh9 ☼ said...

Its so fun being a puffle. i also found out some neat tricks! if you are a member and you dress in a full outfit (shirt, shoes, and hat) and you dance, the puffle will go flying off and your clothes will be dancing all by themselves! How cool is that? VERY cool

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey guys and gurls!

Kimberrlley1 here! An Anonymus penguin asked about the blowdryer..and how you make it appear?

Thats a great question! To make the blowdryer appear, you throw a snowball to the right of your green puffle, and a bath will pop up. To dry your puffle off, the blowdryer will appear!


Have fun!

Thanks for the Q &+ Thanks a lot mimo!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey Aman!

Kimberrlley1 here! You asked how to ge tthe unicycle for your puffle?

Hi! To get the unicycle, you press the wave button. Its really cool, so try it out!

Thanks for the question &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)" said...

Hey all!

Kimberrlley1 here! Anonymous asked why we are STILL puffles?!

Hi there! Were still puffles becasue by popular demand, clubpenguin made the party even longer for us to enjoy!

Have fun!(even though its over =()

Thanks &+ thanks mimo,

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

heyy aman, you asked where to get the unicycle... all you gotta do is "wave" and you'll be riding a unicycle =] too bad we're not puffles anymore... =[

Firepokemon said...

It dosnt work! Do you have to walk ur puffle or stand next to it? It dosnt work either way....

aman said...

I went to cpip but your now back to penguins.

Aman said...

Also check the dance lounge go to the game Thin Ice but the name of the game changed into thinicetrobarrier. The red puffle will shoot fire to the targets.

Floobersnoot (CPG Moderator) said...

hi there Firepokemon, theres a couple reasons that you probably couldnt do it. if you went on the test servers, but recently, then it didnt work cuz the pufflemania-ness is over =[ but if you went on a few days ago and it didnt work, then you probably went on the normal servers... it was only for the test servers. sorry =[

Anonymous said...

cool i enjoy being a puffle

puff puff

BlackZPanda said...

You missed one out.

Sit Down - Bounce Around

Iichan said...

haha i remember thisss.

zoezoe rocksss.

~Iichan <3

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