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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Returns To The Stage!

Yep, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest has returned to the Stage!

Here is The Costume Trunk catalog:

In the catalog you WILL find a clue to finding the GOLD FEATHER pin:

To get the Enchanted Feather Pin cheat, do this:
1. Go to the Lighthouse
2. Go up to the Beacon.
3. Click the pin!

When you get the Enchanted Feather Pin, return to the Stage and the Gold Feather will glow. (If it doesn't already) A wooden bridge will appear and you will be able to cross the river. Smoove, right? The table will pop up, but once again, there is NO extra pin!

In the catalog you WON"T find any cheats, again!  Wassup wit dat?

Do you like this play?  Are you glad it has returned?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Chisee!? said...

I've never experience this stage play!

For my opinion, this is pretty cool. Chinese!

Penguinbin98 said...

Mimo you still havent posted Furniture catalog cheats!

Anonymous said...

Worst play ever.

Anonymous said...

You can find a background at the stage as well


Citrus Peal said...

I'm glad there is no piggy tail hooked on the pig costume like there is on the dog's. That way I can wear it and NOT have to be a pig, just a girl in a pretty coat.

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