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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Club Penguin Music Jam Start Screen!

Club Penguin has a new Music Jam start up screen! Check it out:

Saweet! The party should be here soon!

Don't you just love how Club Penguin updates this screen for every major event?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Anonymous said...'s supposed to be here today...the 16th.

Cole said...

Well, Music Jam hasn't started and it's past 12:00 PST. :(

acter boy 1 said...

hey mimo the club penguin times hasn't arrived yet and its Thursday by acter boy 1

then waddle on

magiemmz said...

CP are probably just lazy, and I hope I`m not waiting for this party at midnight because I`ve got school tomorrow. :(

Anonymous said...'s supposed to be here today... and club penguin times hasn't arrived yet...

Waddle on CP

rrmc86 said...

mimo the music jam has official started!!!

Anonymous said...

Music jam has started! Woo it's early for me because it's 9:45pm on 16th ;D

Anonymous said...

New Start up page not quite the screen but you know where it usually says start it says other stuff. Pretty cool, better check it out.

ur my angle said...

this new stupid site its goin to is so messed,i hate it i have a membership that expires 2morrow

zreyn1236 said...

mimo somebody from mushi monster's hacked it:9

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