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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Club Penguin Beta Team Adds Games!

Club Penguin Beta Team has updated again! You can now play Snow Cone, Photo Puzzle and Pizza Oven!

New File List:

Snow Cone:

Photo Puzzle:

Pizza Oven:

Kinda fun game concepts, don't ya think? A bit easy though! (Thanks, Jewelbird) 

Access the Beta Team here! Let me know how you like them!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Anonymous said...


Coolp Guin said...

there are 3 pins out right now!
The feather at the beacon
The Shield at the Dojo
The guitar in the cave underground

Remember when there was only 1 pin at a time

Kattelyn said...

Cool! I love this beta team thing. Oh and also did you notice that in the catalog they changed "The Shore Thing" to "The Certain Something" hahahaha, that's funny!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo how do u get to the file list please help me

redstar55 said...

The link doesn't work for me. It just keeps bringing me back to the community blogs.

Temigs Ulea said...

I called clubpenguin about 4 months ago and told them about hats and look at it now! They took my idea

dyanlong said...

i cant find the games

Anonymous said...

Mimo I tried to click team for the beta thing but there is no link.

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...

im goin to list all of the flavours in the snow cone game k??

cherry - 6 red
grape - 5 blue - 2 red
peach - 2 red - 1 yellow
orange - 5 red - 2 yellow
strawberry - 3 red
lemonade - 3 yellow - 1 red
blueberry - 5 blue - 1 red

that all (or all that i got to)

Anonymous said...

The Beta Team link doesn't work for me ;(
It always re-directs me to the Club Penguin Community Site :P

陈丽丽 said...

Please help Mimo! Caanot find the link. And in the first place how did you go there without a link?

Jewel said...

Beta Team isn't working! :(

Anonymous said...

Omg i thought of the last 1 :P ~ Shylough

Swim Rocket said...

link wont work

Anonymous said...


I am glad that they fixed the snow cone glitch

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