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Monday, June 6, 2011

Club Penguin's Happy77's Video UPDATE!

Yesterday I posted a video of Club Penguin's Happy77 wearing the new Shadow Ninja costume here. There has been a ton of guessing if it's real or not.

Well there has been more evidence that has come out. If you go to our YouTube Channel here, you can see where Happy77 commented on the video I posted! WOOT!

She is saying that it is a fake video. Good! Now we know for sure!

By the way, we get a TON of Club Penguin tips and videos and pix and swfs from all sorts of random freaks and geeks. Some are real some are fake.

There is NO WAY we can know for sure sometimes. Did you get that? We don't promise to know everything, that's partly why we post it so you can help us figure it out! That's the fun of it right?

BUT, let's all keep an eye out for this Shadow Ninja costume! Can't wait to get it!

Lucky for us the REAL Happy77 helped us this time... or at least I THINK it was the real Happy77. HA! ;-]

Your thoughts?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Dropthebird said...

Ah man! I was hoping I could get that cool Shadow Ninja costume sometime. but it's fake. Waddle On!

- Dropthebird

Anonymous said...

The person that made the video probably used Club Penguin Private Servers (CPPS). Whoever sent it to you probably pretended to be Happy77, but I DO think that suit will be coming out in 1-2 years.

Linky said...

It prob isnt a realy Happy77, anyone could impersonate her.
Or it is saying that that was an accident that she was wearing that and they didnt want the penguins to see it.


Anonymous said...

oooh hey..
Whats happy77's real youtube channel?

Da Weird Awesome said...

I knew it!
But what if she is lying...
Or maybe the dude who sent you the video did some BIG editing...
SO COOL MIMO!!!!!!!!
I am still not so sure about this....

Citrus Peal said...

Herbert's gone from the EPF roof, and there is strange music playing there.
Everybody come help fix the roof!

Dcl4 said...

I knew it. That's the real Happy77.
Because, look on Happy77s, is youtube. She's the real Happy77.

Anonymous said...

its not fake, i permed them in a club penguin private server, ID's are: 1271, 2033, 4380, 6077. Happy77 just wants to hide it, and you believed it. Check these id's.

Da Guy said...

I'm having a party.Thursday,3:00 pacific time on the server Husky at the iceberg.

chudpa said...

mimo777 i wrote a fan letter to clubpenguin and i said dear clubpenguin i was at a website and i saw a video of happy 77 with a
stone ninja do you get one? they said
This is a very interesting find! I have not yet seen any Shadow Ninja costumes around the island i said
nothing about a shadow ninja i said stone

sharoay00910 said...

the only way to get that will be through cpps or "trainers". it's violating the TOS (terms of service)
you'll get banned if you try to put it shorter.

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