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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - STEREO PIN!

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - STEREO PIN!

Here is how to find the first Club Penguin PIN cheat.

Step 1. Click your map.
Step 2. Now go to the Town
Step 3. Go into the Coffee Shop and up to the Book Room.
Step 4. Now click on the pin!


- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


River Racer said...

Hey Mimo, just a note that you could post. When I went on aqua grabber, the buttons were all in script and messed up :o

JellyskittleCP said...

mimo can you please set up a tracker? thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey can you tell when the pink boa is coming back? I really want to know!
Thx Mimo.

Chaos6267 said...

Hey Mimo, there are new login buttons on the Club Penguin home page!


Anonymous said...

hey chaos6267.

Mimo already wrote about that

Anonymous said...

hiya mimo!!!
check this
i know how to dance the robot on clubpenguin!
first put on the new jump jam music hat...
then put on the new swirl music jam top...
and dance...
instant robot!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mimo,There is a new pin at the Beacon. It's called the "Enchanted Feather Pin.


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