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Friday, June 10, 2011

Club Penguin History: Penguin Band!

Club Penguin posted a sneak peek earlier this week and many of you guessed it was the Penguin Band in the pictures. You were right!

When the Penguin Band first appeared in Penguin Chat 3 in 2005, all the members were blue, and they all played different instruments:

But, the group changed their look when they first appeared in Club Penguin in 2006, with different colors and instruments.

They were a Hawaiian band first:

Then a country band:

And, this year, the Penguin Band will be more modern. Club Penguin wanted the Penguin Band to have their own unique musical style, just like you! Now the band is into all kinds of music like country, rock, alternative and electronic music.

Hmmm, do you think the Penguin Band will change their look again someday?

What kind of music do you like?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


cool5943 said...

hi ! i llove club penguin! :====D kinda weird eh?

Penguinbin98 said...

I heard and have a screenshot that they were in the Night Club permanetly at Penguin Chat 3

Anonymous said...

mimo there is a new club at Pinz! it is the position of observation is the Pinz to the bamboo forest is the scene!

Wwerocks88 said...

I like Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and some Metal music. I like some alternative music, too! The new Penguin Band look young... too young!

Peng said...

I remember the Winter Luau (2006)! Oh, the good ol' days... Did anyone else remember that party?

Penguinbin98 said...

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hellomimmy said...

i went upstairs in the nightclub and its completely different!there is a new game there too. Is that new or is it just me never going to the night club

Maisie Law said...

speaking of the bamboo forest I think they'll have a bamboo theme my brothers remebers in 2006 when they looked liked that but then I was only little I love bamboo because dunno why I also love show tunes thier really catchy

Maisie Law said...

I think thier theme will be bamboo.I love show tunes cos thier catchy I hope I see them this year but I've already seen aunt artic so it's very un likley :) :(

waddle on cp

Girlyhockey2 said...

Hey!! There's a new parent update, Mimo! Please check it out. It even gives you a code for free coins!!

Lilofan said...

Ya, I remember when they were like that too! In 2006 there was a scavenger hunt to find the band's instumenents and you got a backgroud signed "the Band" Pretty cool!

Cooldude995 said...

I bet there will be a floating stage for them at the iceburg!

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