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Friday, June 10, 2011

Club Penguin June Parent Update!

Club Penguin has sent out their June Parent Update. Here's what it says:

Keeping Kids Safe
Everything we do at Club Penguin is about fun for kids and peace of mind for parents. Word filters block inappropriate comments, while our moderators are online 7 days a week, in 4 languages to make sure players have a safe and fun time online. Learn more about Player Safety.

Safety Begins at Home
When it comes to keeping kids safe online, nothing can replace you. Here are some tips to share with your child:
1. Never share personal information.
2. Tell a trusted adult if anyone does or says anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable.
3. Visit websites with trusted safety partners.

Musical Fun
Making music is a great way for children to express themselves. At Club Penguin's annual Music Jam festival your child can rock out on stage, or join a conga at our Casa Fiesta. Take the fun offline and join your child for a game of Lyric DJ or create a Casa Fiesta Feast for the whole family.

A Special Gift
Has your child been saving their virtual coins for something special? Help them out with this JUNNLR11 Coin Code. Click here and have your child login. Then, click 'I have a code' and enter: JUNNLR11. This code works once for each penguin.

Cool! Did you get your Update yet? Kinda smoove Club Penguin gave out coin codes, don't ya think?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Anonymous said...

I havent gotten the code yet. Will I get it or is something wrong?

Anonymous said...

club penguin i think they forgot my email i dont get emails from them anymore only if i change my pass or something :(

Anonymous said...

When I put in the code it says its incorrect......

Anonymous said...

Lol guys.

Mimo just dont want to give the code, because it works for all.

Heres the code: JUNNLR11

Mimo, post me so peole knows the code. I cant believe if u dnt post ;(

Buddytoe said...

I haven't got it yet... I hope I will.

Dukster said...

The coin code can be used by everyone mimo ;)

Purple040 said...

Now there's new books for unlocking items online. Some of them come in French and there's another one called "Dancing with Cadence.

Anonymous said...

well i think dat every shuld com up on one agreement . and so far i must not be getting sumn cuz ive got soo many codes and i hav nun dat i can cum up wit soo can sumone help me please

King Hazard said...


Dominoz101 said...

while i was on the cheats i decided to check out the books and the are 2 new english books and loads of spanish ones!!!!!!! :)

Hope it helps mimo!!!

Anonymous said...

The coin code only gives you 500 coins. It's kind of pathetic if you ask me.

Turk Ois said...

Thanks Mimo!
My grandma doesn't get those updates, so we wouldn't have known about the code if you didn't tell us.
It worked for all four of us kids.

Anonymous said...


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