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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rockhopper Island Map & Other Secrets!

Dood! Remember the Club Penguin video Billybob posted earlier? Well check out some of the cool secrets he revealed:

In the upper left corner, there is a secret code that says, "If you can read this, you have really great eye sight." Ha Ha, phunnie, Club Penguin!

Well check this out! On each side of Billybob, AKA Lane Merrifield, on the "Secrets" page, it says...

Left side says:
Rockhopper Island Map.jpg             
Puffle Abilities                                   
The Directors Identity                       
Under the Iceberg

Right side says:
Hidden Rooms 

Saweet! Will we really get to go to Rockhopper Island? Will we really know the Directors identity? Will we really see what is under the iceberg? What would be the only way to see what is under the berg? TIP IT!! Woot!

In the upper right corner, the code says, "Filter," Herbert, Puffles, and Tip Iceberg!

These awesome secrets are really exciting! I sure hope Club Penguin is not just getting our hopes up, don't you? (Thanks, Chaos6267)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

I bet the director is Aunt Arctic. I've always suspected it since you can make her glasses black when you mouse over them in the newspaper.

Angelabanana48 said...

how do u get 2 the secrets page

Cheerful_Toe said...

hey mimo i think ud like this game called MINECRAFT!!! google it!

Anonymous said...

awesome i cant wait mimo sounds good

acter boy 1

Anonymous said...

its august 4th and Gary hasent done his announcement

acter boy 1

Anonymous said...

I bet the secrets listed are a joke, not really hints at new stuff.

Anonymous said...

i cant believe theres no new catalog!! i mean they said it was coming today and nothing!!! whats up with that?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

i wouldnt say it a joke because i would be mean i they did that they want more player not the loose

RollOver said...

Well I do not know what to say.There are two possible solutions:

1.Club Penguin is going to do some things that will change it forever and the we will all go to CP for hours.

2.It is just a stupid joke or whatever.

I hope it is the first one :D

Anonymous said...

I think that herbert is going to get all the crabs on the island to try and tip the 'berg. Or we tip the 'berg and find loads of crabs or the blue crab. Also, The Director is CLEARLY Aunt Artic. All the secret messages have been in her column and her glasses turn black when you rool over them, the first misson was from her so she could have been testing us, and as if we need more proof, the first tile of the dance floor mat in the disco spells out morse code for; Aunt Artic is the head of the SPC (Or EPF)!

Chaos6267 said...

Woo! I've never been recognized for something before! :P Also there's tiny code text when someone's head appears, but it took enough time to decipher the first code thing, I'm not going to decipher the millions of little code things in that. I doubt it spells anything anyway.

-Chaos6267 (sometimes chaosc)

Chaos6267 said...

Hey, Mimo! I found another cool thing. Ok so pause it at 1:50. Zoom in, and put it on the highest HD. You can sort of make out some lines of text. The ones that I've read so far are:

Herbert: You penguins will never again see the light of day! Mwa ha ha!

Rookie: You'll never get away with this Herbert!

Herbert: That's a

Sorry, that's all I can make out. Also, there's a little tab on the side that says "Things to think about" and an illustration of Herbert at the bottom right. Sorry I can't make out more.

The little code text that pops up when someone is introduced is just gibberish, so don't bother decoding it.

Anonymous said...

My hopes for CP have gotten higher now,
instead of just being on 0% all the time.
This kinda/sorta/mabey gets me a little excited...(By that I mean VEEERY little amount.)
Mabey we have to tip the iceberg to find the snow dojo?
And mabey it'll be for non members?
Or its a secret way to rockhopper island.
thats what I think. :P

Anonymous said...

Simple do the math
there will be tons of puffles on the ice berg that herbert stole and it will tip and then the director comes but he/she isnt on the computer so u see his/her identity then puffles strike bak on herbert and then herbert gets really mad and strikes the light house making a blackout making shadow and sun ninjas then rockhopper helps celebrate by giving everyone a map to rockhopper island and ppl can now and forever go to rockhopper island thats what will happen i think - Rainflower2

migvella said...

Angelabanana he didn't get the secret page he saw it in the video.
In the beginning when Lane touches the screen
migvella CPG Mod

Anonymous said...

Whoever is the director must be Aunt Arctic on the 1st mission she always have black glasses in the newspaper and herbert must be helping us to tip the iceberg with the puffles :D

Anonymous said...

I don't the that the director is aunt arctic it would be much funner if the director is somebody we don't know about and the director seems to boyish to be a girl like aunt arctic.
And about the under the ice burg thing it probably has something to do with the tip ice burg. How else do you get under the ice burg?
And remember Herbert's plan with puffles? Maybe he is going to unleash that plan soon!

Anonymous said...

hey mimo while i was watching that vid i saw a crab with big pincers not like kluzty like the boss of a crab army or somfin weird

Anonymous said...

Yes it is Aunt Arctic.

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