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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Club Penguin's Mt. Ruapehu Ski Slopes!

Remember when I told you about the Club Penguin Snowboard Decorating Contest and Mini X Games held in New Zealand on Mt. Ruapehu?

Well, I asked if any of you kiwi's went to please send me pics. And, boy, did my friend, Alexrider14, send me some!!

Check out these awesome pics!

Alexrider14's red puffle at the top of the mountain:

One of the big Club Penguin posters on the wall of the rental hut:

This was another wall of the rental hut:

This was on the sled rental counter:

This was one of 2 Club Penguin height charts (the length of your ski's is based on your height):

All of the ski fitter's benches. Each bench has a different Club Penguin picture:

A close up of one of the ski fitter's benches (each ski is customized for your boot size):

This is what the Turoa side of Mt. Ruapehu looks like from the top carpark:

Thanks, Alexrider14, you rock! Looks like you had a blast!

Has anyone else been to Mt. Ruapehu? Don't you wish you could?

Play Ski Maniacs instead!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

ooh i wish soo badly i love snow sports and i wanted code for green viking helmet

Dioniy said...

I've been to Mt. Ruapehu! Just to see the snow not to ski. I live in NZ!

A kiwi boy(CPG Mod) said...

Yeeeeah New Zealand. What up.

Youg3 said...

I've been there as I live in NZ, did you know Mt. Ruapehu is actually a live volcano?

Alex said...

Yeah, I've been to Mt Ruapehu but I went with my class in May. Back then it was winter, but no snow was sighted. Just a bunch of fog :/

Eragon.Saphira said...

I love skiing and I go up to Mt. Ruapehu a couple of times every year. Thanks for posting my photo's Mimo!

- Alexrider14

Tiffany said...

I Was There, And It Was REALLY Cool! Im Not Very Good At Skiing, Though. :( Snow Not To Ski Was Awesome! And The View From Mt.Ruapehu Was AMAZING! Wish Ya'll Could See. Waddle On, As They Say Sometimes. :)

wedgiepac said...

o-o u still play cp...?

migvella said...

omg omg did you see klutzy in the newspaper trying to sabotague the ac3000.He is trying to rescue herbert.
Don't believe go to the old newspaper and check it out.Not the new. Where it says workers needed in the ski village, at the bottom left behind the words gary needs you should see klutzy trying to destroy the ac3000.
Please post this and give credit to migvella

Adeface said...

Yellow puffle on roof of coffee shop

Nayr11 said...

Can you PLEASE make the post about the snowboard contest results?

Anonymous said...

wow, that is one heck of a mountain! I especially liked the one with the red puffle on the peak of the mountain. sweetness! Oh, and mimo, I saw cream soda at the base of the toughest mountain, I think Herbert stole rockhopper's drink. It's just a hunch.


found the yellow puffle: Next to the bongo in bottom left-hand corner lol :)

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