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Friday, August 5, 2011

Club Penguin Updates The Beacon!

Dood! Did you notice the updates Club Penguin made to the Beacon? Only slight changes, but it has definitely been updated!

Check it out:

The snow on top is much less jagged and the bars on the sides are straighter.

Here is just an example of the snow on the old Beacon:

My theory is that the Beacon will be where our next "mission" with Herbert will be. I'm thinking similar to the fighting the Hydra Bot in the Everyday Phoning Facility.

What do you think?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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chudpa said...

i think we will battle The Ultimate Protobot 10000

Anonymous said...

awesome good job mimo777 i think club penguin is getting more than are hopes up

acter boy 1

Jubjub123 said...

remember the disney competition for ireland and england for a goodiebag and memberships? well i won a goodiebag!! thx mimo for telling me about it cuz i wouldnt have entered if u hadnt posted it up!!


Anonymous said...

but what about the other crab
acter boy 1

Anonymous said...

now they need to do that to the rest of club penguin.

Chaos6267 said...

Well... yeah. That was my theory too. Operation BLACKOUT. What's the main source of light on the island? The beacon! What does a blackout do? It takes power away! So... there we go.

-Chaos6267 (sometimes chaosc)

Citrus Peal said...

They made it look less hand-drawn. The rails and things are all straight now like they used a ruler.

Fisheater145 said...

Nice theory Mimo! Yea I think that's why they updated it since of your theory Lol xD. Can't wait for the Blackout! It's probably gonna be epic lol.


Anonymous said...

where can I contact mimo cause I found something that would be AWESOME!


pillowfight2 said...

I can't log in to cp I think the blue page of death is back.
(plz post and give me credit)

Anonymous said...

No not the next the one after herbert dose something even wrose
well you see the crab behind gary its klusty going to go steel sensai white puffle once herbert has all the puffles he will take them to da ice berg wich will tip it we must return the puffles and save herbert then we try to arrest him but he escapes then gets to the light house and says the light is to bright and gose in and breaks it and then blackout everywhere and then sun and shadow ninjas being after that director comes and he is not talking from a computer so u see who he is



Yeah! There will be an epic battle and Herbert will fly off on a jet pack??!! Plus, the BLACKOUT is 2 months late: It was meant to be in June! I cant wait to see CP in black and white for 2 weeks!

קלאב פינגווין צ'יטים said...

If you look carefully at the anding of the text of Operation Blackout it says:
Herbert: “You penguins will never again see the LIGHT OF DAY! Mwa ha ha”

Rookie: “You’ll never get away with this Herbert!”

The words "..Light of day!.." probarbly has something to do with the big lightbulb in the Beacon!!

Herbert is going to steal the lightbulb and use it to heat up the island*!!!

*Or something

adeface said...

wait if the snow is less jagged it must mean IT'S MELTINTG from the heat from the bulb of the becon we must go into ...

Joseph said...

If you click on the on/off switch for the light (left of the light) you can turn the light off.

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