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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Club Penguin Times - Secret Message - HERBERT FOUND!

A new Club Penguin Times is here and G needs our help! The Great Snow Race begins August 25th sled track require freezing temps:

G has built the AC 3000 to try to cool off the island for the Great Snow Race! (at least that's what he wants everyone t think!)

The Director actually has a message for all Club Penguin citizens:

The Director says he needs more agents for an important assignment! But, this article is just a ruse! Click your mouse on the EPF logo...

And, you get this secret message:

Hmm, Step 1. Track Herbert's location has already been done! Awesome!

Here is the Air Conditioner 3000 already at the Ski Village:

What else is coming to the island soon? Here ya go:

I sure hope G's idea of putting Herbert into hibernation works, don't you? Now lets go freeze up the island!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Anonymous said...

Herbert is at the Toughest Mountain... they did it in the new System Defender level...

Hoppermh said...

the main page of club penguin has a LOT of famous penguins on it!

Anonymous said...

Hang on a tick..... it looks like the Director is wearing a tie.... And who else wears a tie? G! G also wears glasses, so G might be the director!


luck said...

the whoul thing makes sense to me now gary the gageget guy is doing the party to get to the roufest and tales mountin in cp and he buil the ac3000 to make the iland snow or freeze and force herbert to hibernate so then we go to his home at capture him onece and for all and its called opration hibrnation

penguin agent said...

Hey mimo! IDK if you noticed but I think klutzy is in the background of the AC 3000 pic. He might be trying to disable it to ruin our plans to catch herbert. Suspicious don't you think?

Cheeseburgers said...

We've got you now Herbert!(or at least I hope so)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo,

Look at the EPF Announcement Photo!

There is a typo, it is supposed to be announcement
not announcment!


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