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Monday, August 8, 2011

Gary has "Nothing To Report!"

Gary replies to Rookie with a Club Penguin message!

Really, G, NOTHING to report? Nice try, but we're not falling for that one!

Don't you think this is getting a little old? Just TELL US!!! ;-)  (Thanks, Gabbie09)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


Forest292 said...

Hey Mimo I found a glitch! If you play your instrument at the lighthouse, then throw a snowball, It still makes the sound of your instrument, even though it's on the ground.


dude2217 said...

i bet he is not, not telling us he just dosn't want rookie to know what hes up to because as we all know rookie can't keep any secrets.

izzi said...

I don't trust G. He's acting odd.


Dropthebird said...

What if Gary has been kidnapped by Herbert and he's sending these messages! And what if he had crabs dressed up as G in the newspaper! And he put a speaker by his beak! That would explain why he looked nervous in the paper and why there was a crab in the background of the paper! Maybe Herbert's planned the party and he wants to ruin it for everyone or something like that! We must find out soon!

Anonymous said...

hey i guess hes just planning the party because he sent the message that said i am just helping out with the....... i think its the party

from pinkpuffles x

Glenn31 said...

Maybe G won't tell us about this because he's not sure about it, Other penguins would be suspicious if lots of Penguins were around, So he's having the snow race to cover it up just in case he's wrong, He'll tell us when he is 100% sure, either that or dude2217's idea could be true

MTA Helicpoter said...

I think G is planning the party so the penguins won't panic for the blackout.
But G won't tell Rookie, who is an AGENT!

daphnie58245 (CPG mod (i hope)) said...

Y do they call secret agents when they are not really secret???? Every 1 is 1 or they are not old enough

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