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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Club Penguin Great Snow Race is Here!

The Club Penguin Great Snow Race is here!

Check out the sweet supplies!

And, first off, click the icicles to keep going up (or, click the red button the next time). Whoa, kinda slippery!

Now you have to follow the steps below to get across...

Step 1. Click on the snow drift above the ax.
Step 2. Click the tree limb until the ax is free.
Step 3. Click the ax until the stump is chopped down.
Step 4. Throw snow balls at the icicles and the log will move over the gap.
Step 5. Cross over on the log:

Woot! I've reached the top!

FREE Alpine Helmet!

Okay, now get on your helmet, pick up your best sled and go down the most radical slope on the island!

Cool, huh? Do you like this new Great Snow Race? Or, is it too easy and not much new?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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dark shadw said...

its not new trust me mimo it aint that good mimo im comming

Diego2310 said...

The Field Op is still in progress beacuse Operation Hibernation is not the Field Op.When you enter the room where you found the infra red helmet you will se a small tower near the entrance, thats the actual Field Op.

Stefan SV VS said...

do all this or you could just climb the ladder at the start

Anonymous said...

mimo its the same mountain as the mountain expedition

matthewm9 said...

i cant move when i do the extreme course :(

Anonymous said...

i found 2 bugs when i finished 1st in the extreme sled racing game it was still playing the music and check ur stamp book and look at all the pages of stamps even the wii game stamps. skulldude499,500,501,502 lol i felt like making clones of myself lol

4545devin said...

I love dis party!!! WOOT!!

Anonymous said...

This is actually the mountain expedition from last year.

4545devin said...

Anonymous said...
This is actually the mountain expedition from last year.

True chiz man!! its obvious

Anonymous said...

its great that there are cool items for non members too...thnx a bunch club penguin...and thnx a lot mimo for the cheats

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