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Friday, July 20, 2012

New Club Penguin Coin Code!

Check out the newly released Club Penguin code that unlocks a Blue Tracksuit!

Here is the code: DSKYRIDE

Pretty cool! Thanks to Pizzaboxz, Alexandru356 and Bellerophont for telling me about the code! Keep it up! You all rock!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Sophijr said...

Wait, where do you type in this code? And is this only for members? I'm confused.

But I got my day 3 item today.
It's a blue long sleeved shirt and if you dance on the blue squares, you get a blue star pin!


Frosty Cool7 said...

Yay I met Rocky,Cece,Cadence and added them and got their backgrounds! First they showed us some dance moves, Cadence was boombox dancing while the others were doing the regular dance. Then we heard Cadence sing a song called the party starts now. After that she sang it for real with a voice once she got out of backstage! Btw, sorry for long comment.

Anonymous said...

hey mimo did u know that if u have aunt arctic as a buddy and click the background box u get cadences new background-chef2be95

Anonymous said...

mimo you can get the day three free item now. its a blue shirt and the prize is a blue star and the centre stage penguin name is ShalomW12. i would like to be acknowledged for this cheat please.

Anonymous said...

and also, what is a cp mod and can i be one please? thanks

Thom As said...

Ooh thank you!
It's a NICE suit.

Anonymous said...

Mimo I found out that if a penguin dances with the the daily challenge item on the items colured square and if there is at lest one daily item on each of their colored square a disco ball pops up at the mine (Luigi2708 CPG mod )

Anonymous said...

hey, i told you about the blue shirt before you posted so your supposed to give me credit for the cheat!
ShalomW12 (cpg mod)

Anonymous said...

Frosty Cool7 why do you have to showoff much

Anonymous said...

still waiting to be acknowledged.
-ShalomW12 (cpg mod)

amaan said...

Hey mimo,
Im back with some new coin codes for this month.
Here are the codes:

amaanpat cp moderator

Anonymous said...

-ShalomW12 (cpg mod)

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