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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Club Penguin Daily Challenge: Day 3!

Club Penguin daily challenge day 3!
1. Click "Collect Day 3 Free Item!"

2. Put on JUST the shirt on. 

3. Now go to The Forest, Cove and Mine.
4. Dance on the blue squares. 

5. Click "Collect Prize!"

Day 3 is done!

So far, how does everyone like all the prizes!?

And don't forget to check back for more daily challenges!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

What about the rectangle thing?

Anonymous said...

First and how do I get the back ground

Anonymous said...

The prizes r great!!!

So far I'm only on day 1 though because I was banned from cp on Thursday for three day for nothing! I emailed cp and they said it was because of a glitch!
Anyone banned on Thursday has now had their ban lifted


Anonymous said...

BUG: theres abeeping from your epf phone for no reason and WHERES THE FIELD OP


Conor said...

Already got my hip hop jumper :P

Deltadrago56 said...

if you wear challenge day 2 and 3 you do the robot dance its fun try it!

Plop75398 said...

if u wear the splatter hat + free t shirt u get today, u do cool dance moves!

Neogoldman2 said...

Remember, if you wear the cap earned from Day 2 AND the Shirt you earned from Day 3, you'll do an awesomely enhanced dance move. -- Neogoldman2

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo,

How do you stay on the stage while cadence is performing with the band? I have seen people do it and want to know how.

- Penguinforceiselite

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that when you go to the casa fiesta area at the ski village, you throw confetti instead of snow? Awesome!

- Penguin18945321

Godzilla5419 said...

If you look at the dojo, it seems mysterious. Something is happening...

Anonymous said...

Cp is doing a GREAT job :) they even let NON MEMBERS get awsome free stuff now. which is great and im a member and even i think its good. GOOD WORK CLUB PENGUIN!
p.s i got another membership today XD WOOT!

Anonymous said...

I had everything on. It still worked

Anonymous said...

Dude I got all the prizes on July 21

Anonymous said...

Hey Mason here, i just want to say a little thing i noticed. Do you know about the cd's oin the nightclub you can buy? well i recently checked and there is a new cd called monster something.

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