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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Club Penguin Countdown To Meet Cadence!

Club Penguin has put up a count down that starts at 20 minutes and counts down for when Cadence will come and put on a show with the Penguin Band!

Once they arrive you will get stamps for meeting Cadence and the PB!

Except I dont know why the Gary stamp is on there...? Weird.  

So what do you think of the "concert" Cadence and the PB put on for us?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

This party is really awesome and I got the stamps!:D
It's entertaining to see penguins blocking the countdown until Cadence, come on, it's just a countdown XD

Anonymous said...

you brobably me garry b4 and hvnt opend stamps since then

Anonymous said...

They are not real inside we cant get there background

Anonymous said...

i met cadence with pb

they are awsome

and i get there stamps

the party starts now


Dotso said...

It was good i liked it

Grande pie said...

What? Free stamps? That's horrible! I really had a hard time last year looking for all the famous penguins, and now they give their stamps to all the penguins? Laaaaame

Herbert Addison said...

Too small concert!

Turk Ois said...

They are robots like the ones last year at the iceberg, not real penguins.
If you click on them you don't get their player cards.
But it's cool enough.

Anonymous said...

i dont get there backgrounds or a stamp

Anonymous said...

i only get 2 stamps out of them canece and pete k or stompy bob i dont know!

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