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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disney Shakes Up Club Penguin With Celeb Dance Party!

Check it out! I found this article about Bella and Zendaya from the show "Shake It Up" being Club Penguin mascots!

Starting tomorrow till the end of July, kids can meet the CeCe and Rocky penguin avatars, dress their penguins in outfits inspired by the girls’ looks and deck out their igloos with dance-themed decor. Kids can even choreograph on-stage dance performances for their avatars with friends and unlock tailor-made CeCe and Rocky dance moves from the popular Disney Channel show. 
Bella and Zendaya tell Mashable that despite being teenagers, they still enjoy playing the site’s games. Club Penguin says Bella and Zendaya will sign on throughout the event with their own avatars to participate.

They also say:
“It’s a safe environment. It’s family-friendly. It’s a safe place for you to trust your kid and have fun, but be protected,” they say. But their favorite part of the Club Penguin event, Zendaya says, is seeing penguins dance like their characters. “It’s super cute and hilarious,” she says.

To check out the article on click HERE!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Ash Hedgehog said...

I finally get to speak with my crush, Rocky, and she’ll know who I am! <333333 (not joking!)

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