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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Like My Club Penguin Igloo!

Ok! I have something for you guys to do! I am going to have a contest type thing for everyone to do.
I have opened my igloo so everyone can visit it.

So what I need you to is go like my igloo. And until August 5th I will post the penguin names of who liked my loo!

So here is who we have so far:
Joseph8903     Dj is cool99
Jon234     Bradley 250
sp611     Spidermanp1
Iyaz201     Leuta2000
 Frosty8672     Billy Liron
Puppy Paws 3     Funnyface112
Mason3011     Echo006
Xshlomix      Fred68156
Orsat     Fruity770
 Fky91402     King Henri5
 Mrredpuffle     Penguinmanz5
Tooly228     Shrechman6
Nelsonbob101      1greenpeng
 George 60606    SteadyEddie
 Abdulaziz44     Hoonsgwogele

More coming soon...

So like it up if you want to see your name here on GPG!

Let me know what you think of this little contest/game? And what other kind of games/contests/fun things would you like to see me do on GPG?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo! I keep trying to like your igloo but I don't know your server and or Im not you friend yet! I hope its a yet anyway. LOL. SO please please please friend me. Oh and Novanight 10 to cuz between you and me, she's desperate. See you on the webernet! P.s Webernet is not a real word... From Loveluna 19

Echo006 said...

Thanks for putting my name up :)

Anonymous said...

mimo tell me what server u are on im jakenz

Godzilla5419 said...

Ok I will proobably never ever see your igloo on CP because we live on different time zones but I dont like it. In fact I dont like it at all. I mean dude seriously?? Whats up with your iggy? I LUV IT! Ok there should be a 'love this iggy' button on your igloo, not a 'like' button.

~Godzilla5419 (hopefully next big thing for FC BARCA)

:) said...

How do we like it?? :)

luisison1 said...

But I am not your friend so I can't go there.

Anonymous said...

how do i like it do i just search it up???????????????

savanna789 said...

I sent you a friend request
on my other penguin, Rosebud4747 :P

Some Next Guy said...

lol the deadline (5th August) is 1 day and a month after my birthday (4th July) lol.

Pantherxx12 said...

I liked it!!!

Purplemandi said...

I don't know how to like your igloo because I don't know when you're online and I'm not your friend. Will you please friend me? I would love to like your igloo but I can't until I become your friend, or I find you on a server. Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

and how do you expect us to like it if you do not tell us what server you are on?

Anonymous said...

Mimo I would love to see your igloo but I don't know what server its on :( Anyways I think your great, holding this website and all. You're inspiring:)

Anonymous said...

Mimo tell us ur server

Anonymous said...

Because you're not doing this compition so you can get likes, are you? -.-

Anonymous said...

It's an honor to have my name on one of your posts ;) ~Iyaz201

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