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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Club Penguin Members Only Daily Challenge: Day 4!

Club Penguin members only daily challenge day 4!
1. Click "Collect Day 4 Free Item!"

2. Put on JUST the Microphone. 

3. Now go to The Forest, Cove and Mine.
4. Dance on the yellow squares. 

5. Click "Collect Prize!"

Day 4 is done!

How is the party going for everybody? Have you met any of the mascots?

And don't forget to check back for more daily challenges!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Is the microphone a hand item?
Cos if so you can't wear the whole outfit at once:(

Also can you get the final item on day 4 or do you have to wait til day 5

I went and watched the candence concert but didn't get the stamps:(. I might have to try again


Anonymous said...

Hey mimo if you have aunt artic as a friend you can get cadence background by clicking her background box on her player card it worked for me! waddle on!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to put the last prize.

Anonymous said...

I don't like the fact it's for "members".. -.-"

Rustie101 said...

I have met CeCe and Rocky :)

Anonymous said...

im glad its for members a member and im glad we are making the most of our money :)

Shakah31 said...

I finally met Cadence!

Anonymous said...

there is no more daily challenges

Cormac said...

Mimo you can get the penguin band and cadance stamps. To get them you go to the snow forts and you will see a timer and it counts down how long left till PB & C appear go into the room(back of snow forts) and wait, when you hear the song 'The party starts now' C & PB are there and u will get the stamps but not the backgrounds.

bil2042 said...


microphone is a hand item
the final item (Hip Hop Hoodie) will be added to your inventory after the gold star

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

no you just met the figures! it didnt show their names under their penguins! and plus you cant click on them so their just figures! you can meet the real cadence if you try hard! by the way its Cadence not Candace!

Anonymous said...

I can'y move on from Day one, and I'm a paying member... :(

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