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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rockhopper Arrives and Migrator Under Construction!

Woot! Club Penguin's favorite penguin has arrived on the Migrator! But, dood, the Migrator is already under construction!

You cannot go aboard the famous penguin's ship right now. If you click the note it says:

Oops! It's a bug... here is what the sign is suppose to say:

So, for now, while the Migrator is getting ready for Rockhopper's Quest, you can play Treasure Hunt at the Beach! Saweet!

What type of upgrades do you think the Migrator is going to get?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Dosha909 said...

The Migrater will be Metal, I Think?
And I Knew This Because Of The Play Page Picture, The On In The Last Post.

Treecko99991 said...

A grabber with a submarine to search under water!!!!!!

plus being metal


Treecko99991 said...

New cheats coming in! A friend said that Club Penguin said that there was going to be a really big thing coming UP soon! My guess is that its a big machine or the legendary Ocean Green Monster and it's there to protect the planet and it thinks we are littering! But we are not so somethingm ust happen. Thats my plan.

Please give me credit

P.S: what is credit anyway?


Treecko99991 said...

Big Green Monster now has new link but you would be angry so im not posting it. I would like a bit of contact with you though... My friend asked club penguin for codes. He actually ASKED them and they gave him a new hat with speicial dance and it makes him and the ground around him glow! Weird and and says the item is Untitlaled[H20CP2354.
What do you think that is? H20 and CP means more water stuff. images of the Big Green Monster i have and more infoemation on Card jitsu stuff. I emailed clubpenguin and they said sum thing about making jelly bean hats... I stand here...


Anonymous said...

anyone notices the migrater will be metal and the free items may be sailor hats

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