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Friday, February 10, 2012

Club Penguin Featured Igloos!

Club Penguin's Happy77 has posted some featured iggies that were nominated!

Cooldude989 said: I think Oceandragon1's igloo is AMAZING it always is, even though it changes almost every week it's always so cool !!!

Kay Kay 1237 said: I think Bigblue76 has an awesome igloo! Its like a pool party!!!

Marioyoshi11 said: You should totally check out my friend Charlie Blak's igloo it is soooooooo awesome it's a TV studio!!!!!! Check it out! :D

Awesome loos, guys! Did you nominate a friends igloo? Do you wish someone would nominate yours? If so, post it here and maybe someone will! ;-)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Mr WKim said...

Yo, the stage is back.
-Mr WKim

Kkkkkk123 said...

Hey Mimo, guess who it is?! Kkkkkk123. probably don't remember me right? Well anyway... I was surprised to see you still on CP. Everyone's left except for you! I'm slightly proud and creeped out. Proud because I tried to stop you and you wouldn't listen, well done. Creeped out're growing up and haven't left yet. I was on here (this site) about 2/3 years ago, a long, long time ago. Well, since you're dedicated I must applaud you and smile but still, little awkward. I have to laugh though becuase all these new people are commenting who I don't even know or...ANYTHING!? They don't know me either, so oh well. See ya around Mimo :3

P.S: The only reason I'm NOT on my old account is because I can't remember the name etc. Sorry, but it is me! :P

Anonymous said...

The new catalog at the stage has a few secrets! I cant remember any of them but Fail Dale is gone for most people, although for some people it;s just a white room


Goldylocket said...

The stage is back....
But all white!

You can walk around in the white room!


Anonymous said...

hey what does loo mean at the end?
And y is the stage white?

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