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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Club Penguin's Rockhopper's Quest Cheats!

Club Penguin's Rockhopper's Quest is here and we have ALL the cheats!

First, to get the FREE item, go to the Beach:

You have found the Crew Cap! Woot!

Now to report for duty to Rockhopper!

All Aboard!! Stand on the squares to make targets appear and throw snowballs at them to make the ship go faster!

You can earn the Out to Sea stamp:

Here we are at our first stop... Swashbuckler Trading Post:

Check out the cool catalog:

Don't forget to pick up your cargo:

Now, back to the ship and on to Dinosaur Island:

Another cool catalog:

And, even more important cargo: 

Be careful of the trap! ;-)

We have not reached our destination, yet, so climb aboard once again and head to Shipwreck Island!

Oooh, a bit spooky! Head to the supplies to build the beacon: (AKA Field Op 70)

Click the cargo and build the beacon:
You have made a Shipwreck Beacon!

Now, if you are a member, head inside the cave... Hall of the Viking Lords... for  more FREE stuff!

Pick up the FREE items in the chest:
 You now have the Viking Lord Armor!

And, the Viking Lord Helmet!

Once you return to the Migrator, you can click on the map so getting to the island you want to visit will be easier and quicker:

And, check out the telescope at the Beacon after you finish Rockhopper's Quest:

You can see the red beacon!! (Thanks, Mrfbure!)

Whoa! Kind of an elaborate Field Op, eh?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Mimo, try exit out of the conversation, don't press OK

Anonymous said...

Hey umm mimo, how do you raise the anchor??? Because its not working! Plz help.

DMA0712 said...

What? So that was basically just a big Field-Op? What about the Viking Cave?

Waddle On!


4545devin said...

THE FUN PART IS MEMBERS ONLY!?!!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!? IM TICKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Mimo now look through the telescope you will see the beacon

Anonymous said...

Mimo i cant get on the ship! why?

Anonymous said...


Darcey002 said...

Hey mimo look threw the telescope

Anonymous said...

mimo now look throught the telescope on lighthouse you will see the beacon

Plop75398 said...

if everyone stands on switches at same time, the flags fly!

Dongeeeeeeee said...

Hey guys if u press the button 't' in the ship and hit the target 50 times u will get a stamp called 'target champion'I got it and is happy............ this party rocks

Rainflower2 said...

Ok cool. Got the stamp already before the party when the brown puffle came out
I also need the sailer hats and other items

And yay my comment is posted

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo I know this Darel48 who wears a black hoodie,blonde hair red sunglasses and a blue guitar very cool

Tipski said...

Thanks Mimo. Its good to see youre still CP-ing :)
I got all esxcited about the new stamp...I didnt realise I already had it :(

Jojojo33342(CPG Mod) said...

Anonymous said...
Mimo i cant get on the ship! why?
Jojojo33342 said,

It's usually a glitch. Don't worry. Club Penguin would fix it. Try refreshing the page or log out and try another server. :)

Jojojo33342(CPG Mod)

Anonymous said...

Mimo. How do you post and check our comments?

Anonymous said...

mimo i cant play card jitzu water1 wierd

Anonymous said...

They ripped the design of How To Train Your Dragon -.-

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