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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Club Penguin Message From Director!

Club Penguin's EPF Director has sent us this message:

Without a trace? Oh great! What kind of trouble to you think he will get into while he is lying low?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Cooldude995 said...

Herbert: ZZZZZzzzzzzZz
Klutzy(Trying to tip Herbert to wake him up): Click clicky clack click
Translate: Gosh! how much does he weight?
Island tips
Klutzy: Clicky clicky clack click click
Translate: how come the island tips but not the iceberg?!?!
(Herbert slowly floats away)
rock a by herbert floating in the ocean....
lol what if....

nnnnnnnninja said...

Hi Mimo,
im nnnnnnnninja and i also have my own club penguin blog like you!

I added u on cp but u havnt responded.please add me because u r so brilliant!!!

P.S:i am also famous on cp!

pss: go to: nnnnnnnninjas club penguin cheats

Anonymous said...

Mimo777 the fashion show is here and there is 10 days left


Mrs Lamaine said...

Hey mimo! Giants or Patriots? Me = GIANTS! :)

Jackie said...

I hope this mean we'll have more full missions soon!

mario30206 said...

nothing going on in cp right now

Anonymous said...

wheres G now?

Anonymous said...

remeber the expedition when we traped herbert well the rockhopper quest,he might be in the cave

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