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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dot Announces Stealth Class!

Dot has sent us a new Club Penguin message! Here is what she says:

Saweet! I expect the new Stealth Class Elite Gear will be here with Field Ops 42! Are you glad Club Penguin is finally adding new gear? (Thanks, Tudo1)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

Wow! I cant wait - been saving up medals! Got 8 already!

Jumppenguin1 said...

Hm, has anybody noticed that the Earth Day party hasn't ended yet?

Anonymous said...

Awsome a new class, oh i found out that some EPF classes have there own dance

Cooldude995 said...

Nice one Mimo! Wow, if that Isn't irony I don't know what is!

Braceface27 said...

I hate the stupid mini game. Its impossible. I get to the same spot every time. If the game wouldn't lag at the beginning, I could actually get medals.


Mikan said...

It might be member only though :'(

Dot-Com said...

Double EPF slama jama day!

Dolfiun said...

friggin awesomr glitch paste this on 4 different trackers to get free membership and 60,000 coins do it then log onto club penguin

Da Weird Awesome said...

maybe its not elite gear. it could be a sort of mini game

Anonymous said...

Its elite gear what happened with the other classes.
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