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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Club Penguin Field Op Number 42 Cheats!

Club Penguin Field Op Number 42 cheats are here!

Step 1. Click your Spy Gadget.
Step 2. Click "Go there."
Step 3. Click Field Op board. (or click Field Ops on the Spy Gadget)
Step 4. Click "Accept Field-Op."

Step 5. Click your map. 
Step 6. Go to Town!
Step 7. Go into the Town. Your spy gadget light will turn green.
Step 8. Click your spy gadget and click "Engage."
Step 9. Now you can complete the puzzle!
Step 10. If you are a member you can click "Elite Gear" and get something cool! If you are not a member, you can get the EPF earpiece, and then enjoy collecting your badges... and stamps! ;-)

Finally an easier puzzle! Although you still got to be quick!

When you complete the Field Ops, you will get this message from Dot:

And, check out the saweet new Elite Gear, Stealth Class!

How do you like the new Stealth Gear? Too bad it is only for members! :-{

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President


קלאב פינגווין צ'יטים said...

The Dark-Vision Goggles are back!
I already have them, but I have been waiting alot to see them again!

Feisty_Granny said...

Whew! Finally a field op the little kids can do.

Anonymous said...

well looks like 6 year olds could finally do this field op. and the dark vision goggles are back but when they returned the server i was on there were penguins angry that it returned saying they are no longer rare because the dark vision goggles returned

Morrisons2 said...

I have got all the new gear already and when you dance itturns you into a bin. LOL

Anonymous said...

comm gear deffinately for me d

Curt13 said...

Hey Mimo,I got a message that no-one else got.It said ''Herbert,lets attack the lighthouse next thursday''
So keep an eye out.G said he is prepearing the defences.

Anonymous said...

Well I can't say we should be upset because they're no longer rare. I mean they're not really rare, they've only been gone for a year. There are some items, like the umbrella hat I have and Rockhoppers sea monster background that are really rare. So don't be upset.

Weird Owe said...

awww the night vision goggles are back. i wanted to be rare hmmph

lolghh said...

mimo, i have been thinking why you arent a member?? huh

Aqualavender said...

Those dark visoin goggles are cool
if you put a big head item on that covers nearly the top of your eyes then put the dark vision goggles on it looks like yours eyes are green!

Anonymous said...

if you already have the night vision goggles you don't have to spend ANY points on them

Anonymous said...

im not upset cause they returned i was saying there were a lot of penguins in my server that were upset

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