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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gary Announces Herbert and Protobot Attack!

Club Penguin has sent us a message from G! Here it is:

Oh no! What type of attack do you think it will be? I bet we can stop them, don't you?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

i think that we will run then out of the island so club penguin will be normal exept herbert unless we run him out of the island and get new things to play with

Waddler said...

I think that he is going to use our own Puffles on us, like some sort of Army! Because those ideas and plans have been around for ages! I hope not! :O

Anonymous said...

New mission?

Morton said...

I thought Herbert was going to be making an appearance in May, unless this is something else. The sooner he becomes a mascot, the better. I can't wait to see how they portray his character on the island :P

Anonymous said...


Sandy 2618 said...

Hopefully this will be the first EPF mission, I've been looking foward to a EPF mission since I bought the first DS game. It seems as if the EPF room has been pointless because there hasn't been a mission yet. Does anyone agree?

-Sandy 2619 (CPG mod! hopefully..)

dude2217 said...

i hope they destroy the recycling center because i find it so pointless because there is nothing to do there they could at least have a game there, so hopefully herbet will burn down the recycling center

postopialucy said...

why run them out? When they come we will always be Club Penguin. Just like the tsunamis in Japan, the tsunamis came, and washed over Japan but Japan is still there with people.

What happens if we stay put towards Herbert and fellow crabs. .. sure they might destroy buildings, but hey! more stuff to fix!

EMMY said...

This probably confirms that Herbert and Protobot will be meetable :D

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