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Thursday, May 17, 2012

2012 Club Penguin Medieval Party Members Quest #3 Cheats 2012!

Club Penguin Medieval Party Members Ye Knights Quest #3 Cheats 2012!


Here are the walk-thru cheats for the Members Only area and free items Cheats for YE KNIGHTS QUEST #3!

Step 1. Go to the Plaza and down the manhole.

Or, there is a poster. Now click on "Onward to adventure!"

The first challenge you have to watch the balls and pick the correct color. Do this 3 times!

Don't forget to pick up the cool FREE item!

You now have the White Knight Helmet!

Challenge 2, walk up to each platform and a button will pop up. The button will open or close the gate around all the platforms.

Step 1. Press the red button.
Step 2. Walk to the blue button and press it.
Step 3. Walk back to the red button and press it.
Step 4. Walk to the yellow button and press it.
Step 5. Walk past the green button to the other side.

Saweet! More free gear!

You now have the Gold Staff and Shield! You will NEED these items! Put them on NOW!

Pay attention to the signs. They show you how to defeat the Dragons!

Yikes! Check out these are scary Dragons! You will need to work fast to defeat these dragons. Be careful, they can regenerate their lives!

To defeat the Yellow Dragon:
With the Shield and Sword stand on the area that lights up. You will reflect its flames with your shield.

To defeat the Red Dragon:
Throw snowball in its mouth before it shoots flames at you.

To defeat the Blue Dragon:
Throw snowballs into the pot filled with lava. You  will need to time this just right to get it to spill on its head. Be careful not to let him freeze you!

Awesome, sweet reward feast!


YOU"VE MADE IT! You can now get the last super cool free item cheat - White Knights Armor!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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