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Friday, May 25, 2012

Gary on Club Penguin!

Just as Club Penguin promised in this video, Gary did come to meet us on the server Rainbow!

So I waited and looked around for him for a while. And I finally found him and got to meet him at the Beach!

I got his background and got him to add him as a buddy!

Have you met him yet? If not, keep looking you'll find him!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Unknown said...

i found him last friday way before you lol

Anonymous said...

I could see my penguin in the first picture well sort of im the nonmember water ninja dancing with the water in the air by the potion table and I saw Gary twice once at the Pizza Parlour and once at the Lighthouse.When he came into the Lighthouse he was on top of the chair of the thing with planets in the middle of the room and no one else can reach the chair Gary is on.

Anonymous said...

i forgot about meeting Gary :(

Arim Erty


Yeah, I was there!
He added everyone and gave the backgrounds out, good thing cp didnt lie.
Mimo, did you see me?
I am Wobblybob294 and did you go to the sky kingdom with him? It was epic up there
I was dressed as him, he walked up to me and said nice outfit so if you meet him again dress as him he will say that to you
From Wobblybob294 (CPG Mod)

Space Turtle said...

Hi mimo,
When I went on (aussie time), G went all the way to the top of the ski mountain before journeying back down to the town. He was so cool! While he was on the mountain top, penguins asked him questions like," Is herbert working with Scorn?" and "Is Herbert coming back soon?"
All G said was,"Who is this herbert you talk about?"
What could this mean?
And by the way, G's new background's name is 'G's Sneakpeek' or something like that. SNEAKPEEK? hmm

please give me credit.
P.S. Please give me credit. PLEASE! And for some reason you never publish my comments, please publish this one!

Anonymous said...

Mimo, look through the telescope at the beacon! There's a small, glowing, red orb. It may be a signal from Rockhopper!

Anonymous said...

I met him there too!
I was so happy! I friended Gary, got the stamp, background and met him!
I wanna thank you for posting that video! If you didn't, I never would have met him!
I owe you one I guess, thanks, I am really happy today!

Please friend me, Loveluna 19

Stub990 said...


Please post that there is a weird iceberg glitch! It has funny music playing and it dosent make sense! its the song "Team Power" i think


Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo I saw You their

Anonymous said...

Mimo777 I Say You There

Citrus Peal said...

I wish they had told us where to look for him. There's over 42 rooms.
All five of us waited and waited for over an hour. Ran back and forth in all the Scorn Quest rooms and none of us ever did get to see him.

mario30206 said...

mimo,guess what i found out!if you have already made Gary your friend during the last party he was at,then just click his player card whenever he is online and you can click the gift button and it will give it to you!and of course if it works with Gary,then it will work for every other famous penguin or whatever we call them.

Anonymous said...

Guys, check the lighthouse, there is a flashing light in the distance

Julia3771 said...

Mimo, if it isn't too much to ask, next time, when posting a video telling us when we can meet the famous penguins, can you PLEASE tell us when it would be in other time zones? That would be really helpful because I live in Indonesia (WIB), but I don't think that would be important because I'll be moving to the Philippines soon. I'd really appreciate it! :)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Mimo, look through the telescope at the beacon! There's a small, glowing, red orb. It may be a signal from Rockhopper!

Omg I'm sorry but I wish everyone would stop saying this -.- Everyone made this at the Adventure Party.

Minecraft said...

i found gary yesterday same place on the french server yeti not only do i have his background hes my friend (so is rockhopper)(not AA i only have back ground)

Stub990 said...

anonymous, that red glowing dot is and asteroid. not to be mean but im just letting you know.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous that flashing light is an asteroid.

Anonymous said...

I met Gary and got the stamp and the background and added him as a friend but he didn't add me back D;

Plop75398 said...

I found gary on beanie. he made a potion and ignored us. then he went into the lighthouse. he answered questions. then he played i spy. it was fun. :)

Anonymous said...

If you found him before, you can get the background by clicking the box on his player card. Found that out after I spent an hour looking for him. :(

Anonymous said...

How to get that armor?

Anonymous said...

I've met him but forgot to add him.

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