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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Club Penguin Medieval Party Non Members Quest #1 Cheats 2012!

Club Penguin Medieval Party Ye Knights Quest #1 Cheats 2012!


Good News! If you completed the Quest last year, you do not have to do all the steps to get through!

Here are the walk-thru cheats and FREE items Cheats for YE KNIGHTS QUEST #1

Step 1. is go to the Plaza and down the manhole and into the Underground Pool.

Or, there is the poster. Now click on "Onward to adventure!"

Here is the room with all the quests! Pretty cool! Now you can go thru the 1st gate!

Now go and stand on all the Orb platforms to make them light up!

Now you can go into the next room and get the first free item, the Staff and Shield!

Now you have to hit 50 targets to get into the maze and get the next free item!

Now you can go thru the gate to the maze!

Now you can get the next free item the Golden Knight's Helmet !

Now you go thru the maze. Follow these steps.

2. Left
3. Down
4. Right
5. Right
6. Up

Same maze as last year! Same directions! HAHA!

YOU"VE MADE IT! You can now get the last super cool free item cheat - Golden Knights Armor!

Pretty close to the same as last year.

Be sure to check out all the other Club Penguin Medieval Party sweetness! What did you find?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Drago said...

And as I do not get that when I press enter

Jamesbond653 said...

People who are not members can not pick up the free items in Quest 1...

Anonymous said...

the free items in quest 1 are for members only! what happened, is it a bug?

Anonymous said...

it says i have to be a member to get the free items?

Anonymous said...

nonmembers don't get the free items :( atleast i couldnt

Sam0kramer said...

Non members quest but the items are for members...?!

Anonymous said...

only members can get the free items...... -___-

Anonymous said...

May i ask why i am not able to receive the helmet and the armor when i click to get it? It says for nonmembers right? Everytime i try and get it, it would say "this is for members only." unless there's a bug or something. I hope CP fixes this bug.

Anonymous said...

non members can't collect items

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it!It for Memeber
-______- and it showed some weird sign that said to purchase this item and etc....
How can we purchase it if it for free,this better be a bug. O_O

cpforeva said...

What a tease they give us the quest but we can't get a reward? So unfair

MaishaI said...

i dont get it it says free and the quest is for every1 why cant non members get the free items?

Anonymous said...

The Quest I is avalible for all, but items are for members?!?!?!
THis is useless!!!
I hope this is a bug...
If it isn't CP is trolling non members!
It better get fixed!

wobblybob294 (CPGmod) said...

I know the reason for all you non-members! Ok the quest is for non-members so your lucky, but you cant get the items because in previous years the quest was only for members and the items were also for members because no non-members could get in.
Hope This Helps
wobblybob294 (CPGmod)

QWert007 said...

where can i get herbert's revenge codes??????????

Anonymous said...

Non-members are now able to get the shield, helmet, and armor! I am a non-member myself and i just finished the quest and i was able to get all three.

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