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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Club Penguin Medieval Party Clue #6!

Here is the Club Penguin Medieval Party clue #6!

Why can't we just be friends? I mean, come on.

So, could we die trying to take this thing down? What happens next?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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BHUZ55POG said...

Reminds me of Zelda: Ocarina of time. The kingdom of Hyrule is easily taken down and you as Link the hero rises and stops the evil beast! Will we get magic like Link did aswell? Or maybe we will actually have health. Maybe you would have to do the battle all over if we loose. O_O That would be fun! ;-)

mario30206 said...

mimo,i just want to know what makes you think that the dragon king is really a dragon queen?

Anonymous said...

Mimi I think that there must be knights writing the hints. And that secret video about scorn must've been about Gary scanning for evidence until the dragon showed up!


Anonymous said...

Maybe its ROCKHOPPER!Ha ha ha.

Jeremy Jung said...

Gary saves the day????

Jeremy Jung said...


Anonymous said...

mimo. have you gone loopy, were talking about fierce fire breathing stinkywierd dragons controled by clutzy and herbert.

loopy mimo never heard of it....................................................... oh yeah! my username is skeleton6667

wobblybob294 (CPGmmod) said...

To Mario30206
In the clue it says about the dragon being a queen, but in the battle it says ''you have defeated him'' and if you meet gary he sais ''good job team we have defeated him''
Hope This Helps
from wobblybob294 (CPGmod)

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