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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Club Penguin Pin Cheat - SCORN CREST PIN!

Club Penguin Pin Cheat -  SCORN CREST PIN!

Here is how to find the Club Penguin PIN cheat.

Step 1. Click your map.
Step 2. Now go to the Broiler Room.
Step 3. Now click on the Pin Maker 300!

Now you have the Scorn Crest Pin! 


- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Treecko99991 said...

uhhhh, the Thunder Blade item says "Would you like to buy Undefined for Undefined coins? You curretly have XXXX" i didnt wanna say my amount of coins.


wobblybob294 (CPG mod) said...

On the picture it says pin maker 3000 not 300 mimo
from wobblybob294 (CPG mod)

wobblybob294 (CPG mod) said...

Mimo, if aunt arctics your buddy and you click to get her background on her player card it says would you like to buy undefined for undefined coins then there is forever loading.
So maybe in the future you will have to buy the backgrounds or its just a glitch.
From Wobblybob294 (CPG mod)

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