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Monday, October 24, 2011

LET'S FIND AUNT ARCTIC AND GARY with the World Famous Mimo Tracker!

LET'S FIND AUNT ARCTIC AND GARY with the World famous Mimo Tracker!

Have you found them yet? If not, we can help you!

Tracker now LIVE!

We still get a lot of great response to our Comment Tracker! Know why? Because it works! Here are the...

Helpful Hints:

1. When you see a post with the new Mimo Comment Tracker logo on it, start tracking!

2. BE HONEST! You have all been so honest and helpful. That's why CPG fans are the best! Keep it up!

3. List what server and room they are in.

4. Don't put lots of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Do not ask ppl to help you find famous penguins. Everyone wants to find them. They should post here if they know where they are.

6. Do not post all the servers that do NOT have famous penguins on them.

7. If the Mimo Comment Tracker has helped you, post a comment about it!

8. So, if you see a famous penguin, post a comment here that says what server they are on. Let's not post comments here about any other subject! There will be other posts coming for that! Cool?

Let's go find them and post a comment hurry! ;-)

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Anonymous said...

Abominable Coffee Shop!

Mator300 said...

I love the way this website shows everywhere a SINGLE penguin goes. This is probably one of my favorite for Club Penguin cheats! Hope mine gets as famous as this one!:)

Cooldudearoo said...

arg! Anyone here?

Anonymous said...



Curt3333 said...

Hey mimo, I have met her... but it was on a Safechat server.
I suggest using servers like yeti and other popular servers (she sometimes goes on quiet servers too).
P.S.I haven't wrote in a while :P

Anonymous said...

wheres aunt arctic

Anonymous said...

I found Aunt Arctic on Zipline and I got her Autograph and Stamp!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I noticed something in the town today. When you put your cursor over the letters of the nightclub, it turns to a hand. Clicking the letters in a order could do something.

Pinkrosie909 said...

WAS JUST ON MAMMOTH might be heading to one of the A servers

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! Aunt Arctic was walking around Club Penguin. Server-Snow Angel! She was in the Haunted House with penguin all around her! And she is now taking notes on her note pad! She just arrived! This is 7:45 Central Stadard Time! GO GET HER PRIZE!

matter36 said...

hey dude u should make pointless videos again. i like the one where you ate cereal with red bull. that was funny. o p.s. please respond to this because that would be awsome

Anonymous said...

I saw AA at the Coffee Shop and Gary at the Monster Room thingy...Both on Abominable!

~Dora64185 (CPG Mod)

Anonymous said...

gary at blizzard, 2.56 PST time in the dark chamber room with the pianio

Anonymous said...

i found her in 2010
my name is iggy96

2littlemeow said...

Hey Mimo! Just wanted to let ya know that Stompin' Bob's autograph on the penguin band background is well... interesting right now...
<3 u Mimo!

Anonymous said...

Did you know that Club Penguin has been nominated for the BAFTA Awards!

Ethan80561 said...

The red cape is now 100 coins! (for members)Ethan80561 Bug Finder.

pinkchippy24 said...

Server: Outback
Room: He keeps going back and forth from the cove, to the forest, and to the haunted house.

Levi said...

Server: Avalanche
Room: Town
Penguin Time: 11:19 pm PST

Good luck ;)

Anonymous said...

Gary is on Abominable in the haunted mansoin

No said...

Gary's on Beanie!

Jacko Fan2 said...

Hi mimo777,

i have a question.
How can i get the block crosshatched hoodie.
Please answer me.

Mumble48584 said...

I love u!
I just wanted to say hi to my bestie 2littlemeow!

Anonymous said...

Argghhh this thing dosn't work.
Where are they? :(

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